Afghanistan Phone Number If the epidemic is over, what should companies do now?

From December 2012 to February 2013, the second collective death of this industry came as promised, and it came faster, more violently, and more Afghanistan Phone Number cruelly, from 3,000 to 1,000, and more than half of it! Since 2012, Meituan’s turnover has jumped to the top in the industry and has never fallen from this position again. In fact, since the battle in the second half of 2011, the victory of the Thousand Regiments has been divide.

Adjust the organization

The epidemic has reduced the business volume to an extremely low level, leaving the organization’s redundant modules invisible. At the end Afghanistan Phone Number of the day, when there is a boom, the business looks bustling; when there is a bust, the organizational modules that really keep the business alive are valuable.

Mu Sheng Consulting originally created two indicators, one is the flattening index, and the other is the proportion of combatants, both of which Afghanistan Phone Number can reflect whether there is redundancy in the enterprise. According to these two standards, we have studied a large number of enterprises, and it is surprising that the degree of redundancy of personnel is far beyond imagination. In fact, this is the status quo of ordinary enterprises.

 Reorganize the team

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

The business may be ever-changing, but those who accompany the company to the end and fight the rest are the “ballast stone” of the company. The epidemic is a touchstone to test who is most capable and willing to accompany the company. We find that kind of “little sun” who can still shine despite the company’s adversity, publicize Afghanistan Phone Number their advanced deeds, put them in a position where they can exert their talents, and make them truly become the core of the company.

Here, tell a story about my client’s business.

In 2020, the first wave of the epidemic broke out, the society was completely shut down, and enterprises were in trouble. My client company Afghanistan Phone Number has 100,000 employees, and it happens to be one of the most affected industries. The income is almost freezing, the cost continues to be spent, and the company is in crisis.

At this time, functional departments such as the human resources department and the financial department quickly began to formulate cost reduction measures, hoping to survive Afghanistan Phone Number and survive the epidemic. Naturally, these cost-cutting measures will reduce employee earnings, at least in the performance and bonus departments. Not only that, front-line employees have to continue to operate, and they also face certain epidemic risks.

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