The art of constructive criticism (feedback) among graphic designers

Have you ever come up with a visual that the client didnt like when a customer tells you, “I dont like it ,” try digging to find out where that comment came from. Does it come from his aesthetic preferences does he try to interpret the tastes of his target clientele or does this remark come from the fact that he wonders about the effectiveness of the tool as we all know, all tastes are in nature. Design is not just about looks. Beyond appearance, functionality and ergonomics should also be considered. In short, dont take a I dont like it as a final answer and ask more questions as we all know, all tastes are in nature.

Design is not just about looks.

Target clientele and communication objective a design e-commerce photo editing is first and foremost created for an audience for a specific purpose. This is what we must have in mind during the creation process. This is also what the person who must approve the design must have in mind when analyzing it. If possible, it is advisable to directly survey people who are part of the target audience and the intended objective, because most of the time, the customer is not one of those people targeted by the message. Why because… to facilitate good communication, it is essential to direct it to the “because…” or the “why” .

I dont like the proposed visual, because… Why do you find that the visual does not achieve its communication objective what makes the visual not appeal to the intended audience thanks to the resulting answers, you, as a graphic designer, will be able to ensure that your clients assumptions and fears are well and truly founded. Decorate the visual a client should not be expected to have the perfect words to describe your work.

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Something Concrete and Positive.

As a graphic designer, you need to find the right BO Directory questions to ask to get constructive criticism. By asking targeted questions on specific elements typography, colors, alignments, photography, etc., you can build on. The positive while determining the graphic elements that require improvement. A good graphic designer must be able to dissect his design. So that the client can comment on the different aspects separately and not only globally. In addition to a call or a meeting, a wellannotated pdf will make it easier for you to remember details. Alternatives in some situations, it may be beneficial to offer a few alternatives to your customer. By combining the positive elements of these alternatives, it can be easier to properly target your customers expectations.

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