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Previous post I mentioned that Estonia Phone Number even organizations with employees who all prefer to come to the office should ask themselves whether this is tenable . Because your current people may want that, but they will eventually leave. And if you want to attract  new employees, there is a good chance that they expect more autonomy and flexibility, but also that they no longer want (or even can) work in the old ways. In order to be able to continue to attract good people in the longer term, you must therefore take steps as an organization. Connect Transformation A to Transformation B When I explained above what Estonia Phone Number Transformation A and Transformation B meant according to the authors of Dual Transformation.

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Summary of my substantive Estonia Phone Number review of that book . But I left out an element. Because: “…paradoxically, there is a third element linked to dual Estonia Phone Number transformation. According to the authors of Dual Transformation, this part is of vital importance for the success Estonia Phone Number of Transformation B and thus for the survival of an organization. They call this the capabilities link, which ensures that both ‘pathways’ of transformation are connected. I think that this ‘capabilities link’ is also crucial for Estonia Phone Number the success of organizations’ experiments in the field of Transformation.

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The link links those initiatives with what you are Estonia Phone Number already doing in the field of Transformation A. The vast majority of organizations do not become Automattic or GitLab. They are not a start-up and will not be. The connection between Transformation A and B is just Estonia Phone Number something. Which a start-up does not have, and never will have”. So: “If you do both Transformation A and Transformation B with your organization. You can rely emphatically on the results of the former with the latter. Transformation Estonia Phone Number B can benefit from things like:Working from home advice is a thing of the past. Finally! Working remotely is no longer necessary, so we can go back to the office en masse.

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