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The digital marketing experts are looking at a tremendous growth curve ahead. With the meteoric rise in demand for various skills in the field, the future seems bright for these market influencers. An analysis of the statistics in the Dubai market gives a great insight into. After that, The current state of affairs and the future of digital marketers.

According to a detailed survey conducted by salary explorer, a digital marketing professional at a managerial level will earn approximately 330,000 AED per annum, which comes to 7,000,000 INR or 90,000 USD. To be more specific, a Digital Marketing Manager will have a yearly package ranging between 180,000 AED & 500,000 AED.


Hierarchy in Dubai, the salary

After that, increase is quite significant. The phenomenal rise in salary manifests owing to Denmark Phone Number much bigger bonuses to quite an extent. Also, the rewards become more frequent.

The top roles in the field of digital marketing include Social Media Specialist or Manager, Marketing Specialist or Manager, Content Creator or Manager, etc. The various skills of value in Dubai include SEO, Social Media   Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics & Designing, Content Marketing, etc.

The two most important factors that affect the salary package one gets in Dubai in the field of digital marketing are education and experience.

Crucial factor that affects


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After that, your employability in digital marketing senior positions in Dubai is, quite obviously, your skillset. You need to have qualifications that prove beyond doubt that you are qualified to handle the responsibility.

Let’s examine how digital marketing salary in Dubai varies with qualification.

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