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Tips to make your Google Ads campaign Malaysia Phone Number convert even better 3 unorthodox ways to grow your Google Ads account Social advertising trends: shopping ads, influencers, IGTV & AI Getting started with LinkedIn Ads? 7 tips from professional idiots Advertising on Pinterest: finally in the Netherlands! Get Malaysia Phone Number more out of Instagram Shopping with measurable links & data Facebook campaigns: new Dutch benchmarks Why native advertising continues to grow in 2019 9.

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Realize You’re Never

Email Marketing Email isn’t dead, it’s Malaysia Phone Number alive and kicking! Is it still a neglected child in your organization? High time to see if you can do more with it. Bart van der Kooi gives 8 useful tips in his article to ensure that your emails are more visible to your recipients. For example, apply profile enrichment, create beautiful e-mail flows, and test (but with a hypothesis)! It is also interesting Malaysia Phone Number to take a look at the possibilities within Gmail.

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The new Promotions Tab offers email marketers more visual options. Such as an additional image, a countdown and a special discount code. What about customer data collection? And can you always e-mail customers? Lawyer Charlotte Meindersma lists the privacy rules for e-mail for you. Are you looking for an inspiration Malaysia Phone Number for writing copy for emails? This Campaign Monitor article shares 5 tips for email copying with you, including: focusing on one target audience and writing to one goal. Research & Benchmarks Curious about the state of email marketing, or looking for a benchmark?

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