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This change is particularly related to the acceptance or not of cookies by your visitors. The sessions should not be neglected either, even if lately this data has had a bad press. A drop in visits often indicates a real problem with your industrial website. The number of contacts Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List generated each month by your industrial website Keeping an eye on the visits to your site and where they are coming from is a good start. Unfortunately, if this does not generate any leads or contacts, you will not achieve your objectives. How to attract qualified leads to your industrial website?

At the start of your strategy, you most likely set a minimum number of leads to generate in order to allow your sales team to do their job effectively and achieve the business objective. If not, be sure to check out our post on aligning sales and marketing teams! It is therefore important that you ensure that your industrial website attracts enough prospects for the success of your strategy. The quality of the contacts generated This brings us to a third indicator which is the quality of the contacts, or leads, thus generated. Indeed, there is no point in collecting the contacts of hundreds of people if they do not have the desired profile.

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Make sure that the leads received are well qualified. This will also guide your content strategy on your industrial website by allowing you to adjust the editorial line. Visitor-to-lead and lead-to-SQL conversion rates Conversion rates are essential indicators for measuring the performance of an industrial website. They allow you to follow the ratio of visitors who converted into leads, proof that your targeting was relevant and that the traffic on your site is in line with your personas. For example, we generally obtain an average visitor-lead conversion rate of 2% after one year of inbound marketing strategy.


The lead to SQL conversion rate, sales qualified lead or in other words a lead qualified by the sales team, is an excellent indicator of the relevance of the leads generated, as we said earlier. A rate that is too low will show that the contacts generated are not considered ready for sale by your sales representatives. On the contrary, a very good rate will confirm that your efforts are bearing fruit and that you are on the right track to achieve your business objectives. Do not hesitate to consult ouradvice to increase the conversion rate on an industrial site.

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The conversion rates of your landing pages The objective of landing pages is to engage your visitors by transforming them into leads. If their conversion rates are low, it’s probably time to change your approach and optimize them. Every visitor who clicks on a CTA and lands on your landing page without filling out the form is. A lost lead generation opportunity. It is therefore important to keep an eye on this indicator to ensure. That the performance of your industrial website is optimal. And if you had to remember only one thing? If you had to remember only one thing to measure the performance of an industrial website. I would advise you to never lose sight of quality rather than quantity.

What would be the use of having 10,000 visits each month if you have no leads? And what would you do with 60 leads that didn’t match the profile of your buyers? In terms of industrial performance, quality is the key to your success! It is never easy to evaluate your industrial website. That’s why we put our expertise at your service as an inbound marketing agency. Specializing in the industry and regularly review sites! Register for our next webinar .You are certainly considering redesigning your website in the industry sector , but where to start? The way websites work is constantly changing, as marketing and digital professionals, you need to be aware of these changes.

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