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Before they even know that there is a product that can solve some of their problems. They need to understand that there is a problem. So it’s no use trying to use your power of persuasion to encourage someone to make a purchase if that person still doesn’t understand that they need it. So be very attentive to the customer journey . Only then will you be able to understand when is the best time to show potential customers that your product is right for them. 4. Present practical solutions one of the main arguments when convincing someone to make a purchase is to show that what you are suggesting is the easiest and fastest solution to their problems. Even after understanding that your product can help.

It is possible that some potential customers will not make a purchase and one of the objections may be the difficulty in understanding the next step they need to take. Therefore. It is very important that you make it clear what the person has to do. In the digital market. Ctas (calls to action) help your audience go through the entire customer journey until they make a purchase. So. To make it clear that this is the time to buy. Create clear ctas. With actions that are easy to perform. For example. Buy now . 5. Anticipate the releases if you already have an audience that has been following you for a while and you keep in touch with these people constantly. It is very important to let you know in advance that you are going to launch a product in the market.

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But how can this help develop your power of persuasion? When people already know what to expect. They create an expectation on top of what you are going to do. At this point. It is possible to use more convincing arguments to prepare people even before they have contact Estonia Phone Numbers with your product. The more time between the notice and the product launch . The more time you have to create arguments to convince your customers. 6. Avoid using “no” have you ever noticed how we always think about something when someone tells us not to think about it? Let’s take an example to make it clearer: don’t think about a yellow house now. You are probably just imagining a yellow house.

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Aren’t you? This is because the word “no” is more difficult to process. So negative phrases usually make us think about exactly what we shouldn’t. When you are trying to convince someone. Always try to choose positive affirmations. This makes people understand more clearly what they need to do. 7. Earn people’s trust it’s much easier to be persuasive with someone who already knows us and trusts what we do and say. So. Before trying to influence your potential customers. Build a relationship with them without asking for anything in return. Be a reference in your market . After that. You will find that it will be much easier to convince someone to buy your products. As people will trust what you say.

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You still don’t know how to do this? Check out our video with tips to be an authority in your market: 8. Pay attention to body language many people think that this tip is only valid for those who sell a product or service in physical stores. But did you know that even if you work online . It’s important to pay attention to your body language? A good sales page usually has a video that explains what the product is and what benefits the buyer will have after making that purchase. This is the perfect time to use all your powers of persuasion. In addition to thinking of the best arguments to convince the potential customer.

You need to have a proper posture that helps to convey trust. Avoid crossing your arms. Look directly at the camera and gesture calmly and precisely. The more control you have with your image. The more confidence you can convey. Here are some other tips for creating your sales video: 9. Use mental triggers a person with the power of persuasion is one who knows how to correctly use mental triggers to influence those around him. There are several actions that we do automatically. Such as walking and chewing. That is. You don’t have to stop and think while you are performing these two movements. Everything is involuntary. When deciding to buy a product. The same can happen.

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