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Improve its brand image, establish its employer brand … Of course, choosing a primary goal should not lead to disengagement on the other marketing fronts of your business otherwise you are going against the general interest Germany Phone Number List of your brand. If your main goal is to increase awareness, do not neglect the optimization of customer satisfaction. On the contrary, on the web, the user experience is fluid and seamless, it is an ecosystem where each area of action is interdependent. On another and its consequences. It is therefore necessary before each action, to ensure that at the level of the following stages of the user journey, everything. Is in place to qualitatively absorb the benefits (at the technical but also human level).

A digital strategy, whether communication or marketing, is built around a main objective. A multiplication of objectives leads de facto to the development of as many digital strategies and their operational plan. This situation, which takes several objectives into account, is relevant in the case of complementary objectives
For example, when an e-commerce launches an acquisition strategy towards its website, it is in its interest to actively carry out a loyalty strategy at the same time.

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Examples of SMART marketing goals Here are some examples of properly formulated goals: Visibility: “ I would like to see a 30% increase in traffic on my website in 6 months. ” Commitment: “I want to reach an average of 60. New subscribers per week to my newsletter (ie + 20%) in 3 months. ” Performance: “I challenge my teams over the next quarter to reduce the bounce rate of the company’s website from 75 to 60%. ” Opinion: “I am aiming for 10 new opinions each month on google reviews. The main objective and its sub-objectives. Once the main marketing objective has been defined, it is possible to set sub-objectives which: either mark out the progress of actions and their impact either phase out the operational plan.


This graduation is all the more recommended as progress towards the objective requires the implementation of a large number of actions. These objectives are reflected from the strategic level and specified in the operational plan. They are SMART and they are a direct testament to progress towards the main goal. In the case of an awareness objective for a brand launch, over a period of 6 months, where the main objective is 2000. Monthly visits to the website, we can express the following sub-objectives: at 3 months.

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Facebook community of at least 1000 fans. at 3 months: obtain 500 newsletter subscriptions. Set up a partnership with a blogger having at least 20K followers on Instagram. Obtain 5 articles in the specialized web press. These milestones can also be expressed as a percentage. At mid-term (3 months), have at least 50% of the targeted traffic on the site. Keeping a close eye on the intermediate results of a strategy allows you to optimize it in real time. By practicing reactive marketing, you will be able to reinforce profitable actions and modify or abandon those whose fallout is not up to par.

One of the great strengths of the web is to be dynamic! Define and then measure the progress of a marketing objective. The definition of marketing objectives, the first step in. This results in a loss of operational efficiency in the teams and a decrease in profitability at the company level. Each digital project must begin with the definition of its SMART objectives. Which make it possible to set the course and measure the returns on investment. This “objective / measure of return on investment” pair represents the starting point (what objective are we aiming for?) And the end point (what are the expected spin-offs) of the strategy.

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