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High quality tasks. The term cobotics, or collaborative robotics, is used when a robot works in. A common area with the operator during the production phase. These prospects have already expressed their interest in your industrial company by carrying out an action identified on your website (downloading a document, requesting a demonstration, etc.). In this case, your speed of action is essential, because prospects will quickly forget you. Way to put themselves forward. Indeed, they fear making mistakes or posting contributions that could be judged. To be of poor quality, there is a “ fear of control. Remember, your employees are your best ambassadors on social networks.

Develop a sense of belonging among your employees, it will also be felt on the internet! If they feel good about your company, they will often be the first to defend you Nepal Phone Number List from online criticism. Blocking or limiting access to social networks within your company would therefore be tantamount to depriving you of your best lawyers! Here’s why it’s better to allow social networks in business. How can you best support your employees and limit the risks for the company? One of the solutions is to write a user charter that will both empower employees and help the company to regulate the use of social networks in business.

I’ll Give You A Thousand It Is Based Above

As follows: 80% speaking time to the prospect and 20% to the salesperson. And not the other way around! This makes it possible to manage meeting time and gives a structured and professional impression to the prospect, who, for his part, has clearly identified how you are going to proceed and that he has understood the interest of your questions. Do not hesitate to present the sales process in the industry. In the book The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation , a study reveals that the most successful salespeople are those who are able to challenge and question the prospect’s plan.


From remarks on the price to minor problems which then become insurmountable, your customer will simply chain the objections. implementation of a workspace with collaborative robotics (man + robot) makes it possible to keep the versatility of the robot while preserving or re-introducing the human factor in the production chains. The collaborative robot (or cobot) brings precision, endurance and effort, where the operator offers his expertise, his intelligence and his decision-making capacity. Cobots are part of another dimension than industrial robotics .

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Simpler, more intuitive and above all more flexible, they adapt to the life of the company. Our production requirements, our work teams and our production process. Today, investing in a robot is not a decision to be taken lightly. They are often expensive and you also have to convince your entire team of the interest it. Will bring to the company. It is also necessary to be able to provide enough space for the installation. Operation and maintenance of these robots in the company. So many reasons that can deter some business leaders. Cobotics then becomes the solution. The starting price of the robots will not be lower. But the cobots will present other positive points which will tip the scales.

Firstly, the use of cobots makes it possible to distribute the tasks between the cobots and the operators. The work is done in collaboration, and this has a significant advantage. When convincing your employees to choose this solution rather than traditional robots. Today, cobots and employees share the same workspace. There are no more space issues for installing bulky robots since. Very flexible, they have adapted to small series production, occasional production. And seasonal production and perfectly meet the requirements of product variability and the evolution of orders. Of all industrial companies, but not only.

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