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New gdpr regulation is a key point when it comes to managing customer data or visitors to any digital product . In a much clearer way. The new regulation offers greater control to users to be able to access. Modify or delete any type of data collected. This implies that companies and brands have to make a greater effort to meet these requirements. Quick guide to adapt to the rgpd how can companies quickly and effectively adapt to the new european data collection laws? The ceo of cool tabs offered a series of quick tips Ecuador phone number. Consent must be explicit for any type of data collection. Terms and conditions. Receiving commercial communication.

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The old lopd was not  as exhaustive in this regard. However. Now each of the treatments must be reported when collecting this data. Independently. The user can choose Ecuador phone number the purposes separately. For example. If the data will be collected for the purposes of social media profiling Ecuador phone number. In conclusion, Communicating the winners of a contest. For commercial purposes… In the checkboxes. Consent must be requested affirmatively and never negatively and we cannot. In conclusion, give pre-selected options (the user must accept the text of each of these boxes). In conclusion,  Always keeping a record of all this data. The user must have an easy and accessible way to see what they have explicitly consented to.

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Download their data. Modify it. In conclusion, Ecuador phone number.  Solano clarified it for us. We are facing a complicated scenario with a difficult process for companies. Can we directly migrate the data for which we already have consent? It is necessary to thoroughly check whether the users gave their explicit consent for the purposes of using their data. In conclusion,  Round table. Implications of the rgpd in different sectors the event’s corporate round table was moderated by javier gil. From cool tabs. And brought together professionals from different companies and sectors. Arancha . In conclusion,  Expert in digital marketing and professor at esic and the university of nebrija; miguel domínguez.

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