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Digital marketing . With all that in mind, I ‘ve put together six simple but very effective tips on using inbound marketing on facebook . Follow me! Practical guide: how to use social media to build your company’s image first of all, know what inbound marketing is! Inbound marketing is nothing more than a digital marketing strategy totally focused on attraction, relationship, sales and consumer delight. The stages of inbound marketing for this, it is composed of a set of other digital marketing strategies that, at first, contribute to the creation of content and its distribution , understanding the needs of the target audience and creating the perfect conditions for them to get closer to the company. Tip: what is the.

Meaning of inbound marketing? Understand now! Why do inbound marketing on facebook? It is no coincidence Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers  that facebook is among the biggest tech companies in the world — along with amazon, apple and google — and no matter how many new social networks emerge, facebook remains one of the most used in the world: according to the company itself , facebook has about 1.9 billion active users every day ! Daily facebook users for this reason alone, the importance of doing inbound marketing on facebook is already clear . Right? But if it still wasn’t enough, other recent data may convince you why invest in this social network: more than half (about 60%) of all people on the internet use facebook ; each.

Why do inbound marketing

User accesses facebook, on average, 8 times a day; approximately 400 new accounts are created every minute; also per minute, there are 4 million likes — and so on. Is it worth investing in this social network or not?! I would say that the probability of your audience being on facebook is very high! In view of all this, it is necessary to understand how the dynamics of this channel works — which, as you can see, is one of the most important digital marketing channels —, especially if you usually work with organic accesses, which do not use ads, for example. So for all your publications to appear to the right people, you need to understand what are the factors that influence the performance of content on facebook .

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Posted? Have you noticed that, when viewing the contents of a certain person, soon they start to appear more often to you? Know that the facebook algorithm is behind this! In this sense, facebook also gives greater priority to the profiles you interact with and exchange messages with the most . Watch! When did you post? Not too much mystery here: the more recent your post, the more likely people online at that moment are to see it. Therefore, it is interesting to know what times your audience is on facebook, after all, the idea is to impact them with your content ! Tip: learn how to create the facebook ads campaign of your dreams content type facebook’s algorithm knows exactly which subjects keep people’s attention the.

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Longest . Thus, publications are organized based on the type of content that each person interacts with the most. Imagine someone who likes to log on to facebook mainly to spend time with lighter and more fun content . As this person ends up interacting more with memes and comedy videos, for example, these are the types of content that will appear as a priority for them. Now, in the case of someone who uses facebook a lot to get information, share and discuss about more controversial and complex subjects, that person probably feels more engaged with content like “textões”. Therefore.

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