Windows Hosting 2022 What’s New

Data platform with industry-leading performance and security for all your structured. Or unstructured data, the latest version of MS SQL Server is with us to keep you one step ahead! One of the most common reasons for Benin Phone Number a website to be slow is heavy queries. That’s why we’re commit to continually upgrading our Microsoft SQL installation to the evolving needs of database-driven sites.

Acronis Cloud Backup & Protect

Acronis, the award-winning leader in cloud backup, includes features such as cyber threat protection. And instant restore, such as performing an automatic image backup before applying patches. Aallowing you to easily restore your system in case of a patch-related problem. Intel Xeon Gold processors are ideal for those focused on large databases, multi-user applications, and virtualization.

All of our Windows hosting infrastructures are power by Intel Xeon. Gold processors with support for high memory speeds and enhanced memory capacity with the latest revisions. Intel Xeon Gold processors optimized for demanding mainstream data centers, multicloud computing, networking and storage workloads; It can easily meet the needs of those who focus on large databases, multi-user applications and virtualization.

Benin Phone Numbers

Licensed Genuine Software

All software use by our company are original license products. It is important that you do not choose illegal and broken licensed hosting services for your data security and reputation. It should be noted that non-original installations in IT infrastructures can cause major security vulnerabilities for websites and serious prestige losses for businesses.

Within the framework of our 2022 configurations, we have commissioned our Windows Hosting infrastructures, which offer high performance and security, with Intel Xeon Gold processor servers powered by original software. As we continue to help businesses grow with Windows Hosting solutions, we want you to know that our industry-leading stance in integrating the most powerful and cutting-edge technologies into all our systems will not slow down.

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