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Whose structure is complex to manage (multinational groups, etc.). Less intuitive in its start-up and configuration, it requires more internal resources to reap all the benefits. The tool is on the other hand extremely complete and allows you to push the fineness of the settings very far. Of course, all of this has a cost. Webmecanik : The platform is based on a mautic opensource code. It offers solutions at very affordable prices, more than its competitors. It is also extremely easy to handle. The counterpart is the list of smaller features. For example, there is no integration of social networks or a blog module. Webmecanik is aimed more at very small companies wishing to start in marketing automation, even if it means switching to a more efficient solution when the need arises.

Hubspot Positioned as a leader in marketing automation platforms by the G2crows site, Hubspot is part of the inbound marketing approach. Less advanced in terms Georgia Phone Numbers List of the fineness of the settings than Marketo, it is however much easier to use and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Its learning center and its support provide a great deal of content to help you with your B2B marketing strategies. Finally, the launch of the Hub service at the start of the year completes the range of services offered. What to remember when choosing an automation marketing platform in the industry Don’t stop at the first name you find. Do not hesitate to compare several marketing automation platforms.

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Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, don’t hesitate to request a demo to make sure the platforms meet your needs. The choice of a marketing automation platform is essential today in B2B marketing. This will allow you to better manage your leads, increase their number and facilitate the alignment of your sales and marketing teams for better results. We have been using the Hubspot marketing automation platform for over 2 years now. To share our experience with you, we have made a video demonstration ! Every company would like to have him, this salesman who greatly exceeds his quotas, this hunter who tracks down new leads, who presents well and is able to close any deal easily, in short, the sales superstar!


Yes, such profiles exist, but you will soon realize that attracting them to your team has a price. Certainly this price will probably not reach the 154 million dollars of the recent transfer of LeBron James to the Lakers, but this is not negligible. LeBron-James-Commercial-Star-Agency-Nile-Getty-Images Getty Images Here are some tips for recruiting the right person for your commercial team in the industry, even if you can’t afford the star commercial you think you deserve. 1- Make an inventory of the current situation Before rushing headlong into recruiting a new salesperson, it is necessary to look at your current situation.

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Take the time to audit your current sales team, then you will be better able to know what they are missing! Here are some questions you should answer before you start recruiting : How is your current team structured? What are the profiles that make it up? What is working / not working in your current sales organization? Thus, you can already make several readjustments within your current team to optimize its efficiency, before recruiting a new profile! 2- Determine your business strategy and objectives Before thinking about recruiting a new salesperson, ask yourself this question.

Why are you recruiting a new salesperson? Is it following the departure of someone ? Is it because you need to generate additional turnover? How much additional revenue do you want to generate from this new salesperson? The sales people who currently make up your team already generate a certain turnover for you. So start from these figures to determine your own objective. Ambitious but realistic! Once you have this goal in mind, it is essential that you think about how much you are willing to invest to. Help you achieve this goal. I advise you to listen to this podcast to help you build your business strategy in the industry .

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