Why The Referral Program Is So Successful

One of the fastest growing companies in the hospitality industry is Airbnb. It is a company that does not own real estate, but it is the leading hotel business in the world. It takes advantage of the evolving sharing economy by allowing its users to rent properties in desired areas. However, Airbnb did not start successfully. At first, the app has to rely on word of mouth marketing. The growth started slowly, but eventually picked up speed as they tweaked their referral system to attract more people.

In this article, you will learn the strategies that Airbnb had used in their referral program. Here are fifteen lessons from the Airbnb referral marketing experience. Explain your product sufficiently Benin WhatsApp Number List of Airbnb’s major obstacles is the difficulty of explaining its product to its target audience. While other products and services are easier to understand, Airbnb offers a branded service never seen before. So the company found that even if their customers get a few referrals, the referral often doesn’t realize what Airbnb is all about. Airbnb learned the hard way that they should sufficiently explain the products.

Explain Your Product Sufficiently

This situation pushed the company to have detailed explanations of its services so that new visitors can understand what the company does. Optimize for mobile When the developers created Airbnb, the first optimized for computers. However, they found that most of their users are mobile users through their email software. The company found that most of the people who open its emails are on mobile devices. With this information in mind, the company changed its strategy and focused heavily on mobile promotions.

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Start with your employees Airbnb has its humble beginnings. One of the things the company has done to attract more people to its app is to promote the referral program within the company. More than just talking to employees about the presence of their referral program, they also had posters and banners about it throughout the workplace. The result was amazing. Not only did this give the company an initial traffic boost, but the presence of posters also encouraged their employees to work toward a common goal.

Start With Your Employees

Do not promote on the home page Airbnb has also learned that it is not acceptable to promote your home page or have the link to your referral program there. Most of them have to do with the nature of the website visitor. The home page is often not visited as much as the other pages of a website. While it may summarize what the website is about, users and visitors to the site often frequent other pages. With this information in mind, you need to make sure your program is integrated into your sales process, so it gets more attention and inevitably more action.

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