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In any case, this is an additional signal that Google will interpret to improve the ranking of your site. different fields and paying particular attention to the category. Ideally, it is the keyword that best defines your business Denmark Phone Number List that should be included. Google my business add an establishment The address of your website is obviously to be entered here as well. Click on Continue . Follow the directions to complete the registration Generate your first backlinks. To determine the ranking of your site in its search results, Google uses a complex algorithm that takes an infinite number of criteria into account.

One of the most important is the quantity and quality of the backlinks (the famous backlinks) that point to your site. By listing your site in directories on the web. Not only will you be able to generate natural traffic from people who find you through it, but you will create backlinks to your site. This is the basis of free natural referencing. Start by registering your site in general professional directories (Yellow Pages, etc.) then in relevant thematic directories (Trip Advisor, etc.). The creation of back links should not be done in a too artificial way, and we must ensure the quality. Of these links because Google can detect an abuse and penalize a site.

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Which would suddenly receive a large quantity of backlinks from questionable sites. . However, you risk nothing by registering your site on the most famous platforms. Advertise your site on social networks Signals from social networks are increasingly important to Google, which is now able to determine the “buzz” made by a site or a page simply through discussions on social networks. If Google detects that a site generates enthusiasm on social networks, it will tend to give it a better ranking. Make an official announcement that your new site is live on your social media profiles, as well as in groups you follow and usually participate in. Make yourself known on the web Participate in discussions on blogs, forums, Q&A platforms and social media.


Talk about your site if it adds value to the discussion. Do it in a natural way and don’t overdo it with messages that might sound like advertising. If you can, link to your site in your posts, but again, do so only if it adds any value to the discussion. Ask your connections to talk about you You probably have people who have a website, blog, or social media page. You can ask them to talk about your site and share it on their pages. Obviously, the larger the audience for these contacts, the more interesting it is for you. Conclusion These few simple actions will allow your site to ensure a minimal but vital presence on the internet and generate its first visits.

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To go further in SEO for your site and get more traffic, you will need to define an effective SEO and content strategy . The first step towards the implementation of this strategy is the SEO audit. Which will allow you to obtain: the definition of your personas , what they expect, and the keywords they are looking for. Aan analysis of your competitors’ SEO strategy. Contact us if you need help setting up a content strategy, improving your positioning and driving more traffic to your site.

Google referencing: Special user manual for beginners in SEO by Olivier Andrieu, expert consultant in SEO. With simple words, precise and detailed step by step, you will learn what SEO is and how to optimize your site for. Google without spending a dime in just 4 steps. techniques to develop your natural referencing ” by Dimitri Carlet, SEO expert. If you want to develop an online business and you have not yet bet on. SEO, this book will give you the actions to increase your visibility. If you follow one of these links and buy a book, we earn a commission. The price remains the same for you, and that allows us to continue to feed this blog with quality articles.

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