Why Facebook Stories Ads Could Mean Big Changes for Advertisers

As a voice in search, the biggest talking point in social media today is stories. Users are increasingly engaging with products and brands. On mobile devices in a way that demands instant. Convenient and full immersion. Just this year, we saw a drop in advertising in Instagram stories. And we saw the launch of Instagram ., along with the question of Singapore WhatsApp Number List could be monetized. Now, with Facebook stories reaching. 150 million users (roughly the same number of ads run in Instagram stories). Facebook is announcing the imminent launch. Facebook stories ads. They will mark a huge shift in the way advertisers think about placements.


What do story ads mean to advertisers?

If you’ve been paying attention, facebook’s blog last week . On the subject was more of a reminder than a new announcement. Facebook has been hard at work developing and launching. Stories since f8 in may, when chief product officer . Chris cox said he expects stories to surpass news feed in sharing. Sometime next year. During facebook’s q1 2018 Singapore WhatsApp Number List also had this quote: clearly, not only is the story taking a definite turn. But Facebook is combining the platform’s future success.With its monetization capabilities. Today, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at . Facebook stories ads — including what they are, what they mean to facebook, and what. Advertisers can expect when they finally actually run ads.

What are Facebook Stories Ads?

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Part of the reason Facebook is so emphatic about the shift to Stories and insisting on getting them right is the success of Instagram Stories. Continuing Zuckerberg’s famous quote: “If we do it well, there’s real benefit here. We’re leading the way with Instagram, and the results so far have been encouraging, both in terms of product quality and business performance.” Instagram Stories’ daily active users (400 million) are now more than doubleSingapore WhatsApp Number List returns for Instagram Stories ads have been promising since its official launch in March. Technically, you can expect Facebook Stories ads to look very similar to ads in Instagram Stories. Facebook says it wants to allow advertisers to repurpose creative from one format to another (i.e. spend more money), so if the formats are indeed the same, you can expect up to 15 seconds for video ads, 5 seconds for image ads , and a 45-second (aggregated) carousel sandwiched between the natural stories of your friends and family.

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