Why Do Visitors Come To Your Site?

What value proposition will they receive there? How do they access your site (via their smartphones, at the office, etc.)? Above all, you will be able to understand why they perform certain actions at certain times. Therefore you will be able to use this data for your overall strategy and on specific pages. List of desired features Finally, Impact of the website: new features, new navigation menus, third-party platform integrations, etc… Here we make an 80/20 list, in which you will announce 20% of the actions that must inspire 80% of the impact. Here you can rely on techniques from the Innovations Games, for example, to differentiate between things that would be cool to have and those that absolutely must be included.

This will make it possible to define very precisely what the site must be and what it must not be. Then, we find the traditional work of a web designer: Design Vietnam Phone Number List content and messages Set up the information architecture Creation of models and graphic design of the site Program and develop the necessary code Perform UX interface testing During these various works, it is essential to continue to collect data and information to verify that the project remains on the right track. Finally, you will be able to quickly put a first version of the site online. Which will also allow you to collect essential data for the next stage of the iterative process imposed by Growth-Driven Design BtoB.

Your Website Is The Most Important Element Of Your Marketing Strategy.

Opportunities to boost conversions. We are talking here about optimizing content, user journeys. The values proposition presented on the site, A/B testing techniques. Optimization of the user experience. We focus here on the improvements that can be made to the design of the interfaces, to the search functionalities. Such as advanced search filters, calls-to-action. Also to the experience on mobiles. User-based personalization. In BtoB inbound marketing, we know that one of the golden rules is to avoid mass messages. We pay particular attention to the segmentation of lists. To be able to send the right message to the right person. This does not only concern emailing. It is clear that this principle of personalization is only too rarely adopted by websites.

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The solution is to favor platforms offering Smart content functionalities. Such as the CMS offered by Hubspot. This makes it possible to adapt the content of the site to the profile of the visitor. Based on the personalized data collected. The GDD is the best way to exploit this type of functionality continuously, with a permanent concern for performance optimization. The marketing features to build. Your blog, your social networks are additional tools that will allow you to significantly increase your traffic generate more leads. Tools like Hubspot will allow you to collect precise data to improve your marketing. Build inbound links, optimize your positioning on keywords.

We Can Classify The Ideas That Have Not Been Retained As A Priority Into Several Categories.

Once these ideas have been classified, you will be able to define “hypothesis sheets” for each of them. Here is an example of a hypothesis written against one of our personas, Christine Marketing. ACTION 1 – Hypothesis For Christine Marketing visits the “Rates” page , we believe that changing the “Corporate Rate” button to a “Request a quote” call-to-action will allow us to increase conversions on this page by 10%. We think it’s true because of research. Data are validated by analytics The idea is therefore to write this type of hypothesis sheet for each of the actions envisaged. To validate them thanks to the data collected or benchmarked. It is then a matter of prioritizing the actions to be implemented by assigning them, for example, points based on the expected impact.

Again, gaming methods like those offered by Luke Hohmann’s Innovations Games allow you to do things efficiently. Second Stage: Iterative Development and Continuous Optimization Phase 2 of the GDD focuses on iterative development and continuous optimizations/validations. The idea is to organize the sequences into cycles of monthly sprints for the remaining eleven months of the year. This is an important break with traditional development and web design methods. Your site visitors are going to be at the center of every decision you make. You will need to understand the impact on your users of each change you make to the site.


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