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Grammar is less interesting then. The app Thailand Phone Number downloade more than 5 million times and with 239,000 reviews it scores a 4.4, that’s not wrong! App drops. Download here for Android and here for iOS . 2. All benches Are you going for a walk Thailand Phone Number and do you want to rest or have a picnic along the way? The All benches app gives you a nice overview of ‘all benches’ and picnic tables in the area. There are already 150,000 Dutch benches Thailand Phone Number on the map. Do you see a bench that is not in the app? Then you simply add it.

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Do you walk towards a bench and it turns out there Thailand Phone Number is none? Then you can also report this. That makes All benches a handy ‘help each other’ app that is quite up-to-date. App All benches. Download here for Android , not available Thailand Phone Number for iOS. 3. STACK Are you in cleanup mode and want to sort the photos on your phone into folders? Then I can personally recommend the STACK app. Of course you also have the well-known Thailand Phone Number cloud storage apps such as Google Photos, but I’m not a fan of those myself (and Google already knows enough.

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You can download STACK as an app, but you can also Thailand Phone Number access it via your browser. Simply via the url made up of your username stackstorag. So for example: pietjepuk.stackstorage. Of course protecte with a password. So you can access your stord files via all computers or telephones. Also read: Do you already Thailand Phone Number know these handy WhatsApp functions? [11 tips + 4 news] I use STACK myself for more than just photos. Pay slips, important documents, festival tickets, I put everything in folders. Uploading the photos to a folder on STACK is also easy and can be done in bulk. When Thailand Phone Number the app just came on the market it was free, now you pay €2.50 for 250GB and €10 for 1,000GB. I pay it with love.

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