Who and why designed the Comic Sans typeface?

Prototypo is an open source editor that allows you to redefine essential. Characteristics of fonts to create new custom typefaces in a matter of minutes. Like so many other major projects, it was. Born timidly and clumsily when yannick mathey came up with the idea of ​​designing the app as part of his final project in 2009. What little mathey knew. About programming, he learned by trial and error, so as the complexity of the platform advanced, the bugs multiplied. It was then that he decided to publish his work and start from scratch.

Louisrémi babé was unknown at the time, but he was impressed by the potential of prototypo and decided to bring his experience as a programmer to the project. Prototypo allows you to customize fonts 1 prototypo aims to automate the typography design process, avoiding the repetitive tasks characteristic of this type of project and allowing the designer to focus on the design of the figures.


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The system foresees the integration of visual and background remove service mathematical rules that, through repetition and through simple handlers, facilitate the font design process. Prototypo allows you to customize fonts 3 until now, prototypo allowed designing a typeface from one of the three parametric fonts loaded in the system. It makes it possible to build a new typeface from a modifiable template by means of 30 different sliders that will control all the shapes of the glyphs. Prototypo allows you to customize fonts 5 a second version of prototypo has recently been released that allows you to change any point in a glyph. In this way, the designer is no longer constrained by the limits of the handles and can control even the smallest imperfections with total freedom, as he would if he were designing with pencil and paper.

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This new version and its new features make it possible to BO Directory create a new typeface entirely with prototypo. Prototypo allows you to customize fonts 7 the software is designed so that a designer with any. Level of experience can work and modify the fonts at will but, as always happens in these. Cases, this is not a tool that replaces. The font designer, rather the eye of the expert is necessary to achieve optimal results. Below you can see the presentation video of prototypo. The app is still under development and is open source, so many. Improvements are yet to come. The kickstarter campaign with which the project began has been successful and. They are currently working on improvements to the platform the possibility of modifying. The structure of the font and a system that allows us to create our own parametric fonts.

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