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Use attributes across multiple categories, try to use unique attributes across each one to help keep your listings contextually relevant and better SEO (and your product’s visibility through search engines). Remember when I was talking about labels I used blue t-shirts as an example? Attributes work the same way. If you have a category for t-shirts and one of the color attribute terms is blue, WooCommerce will create a file for. Therefore, your attribute spans multiple categories, anything you’ve assigned the  color attribute will show up in that file (shirts, phones, whatever).

If Your Ecommerce Is General

And sells products of all kinds, returning these results based on attributes is not good for the traffic that comes from search engine results or for converting visitors into future customers. How to create more specific attributes Instead of just creating colors as an attribute on all categories, try  Guatemala Phone Numbers creating category-specific attributes. For example, “clothing colors” for all fashion items, “t-shirt colors” for t-shirts only, or “phone colors” for phones. Give each of them their own color attribute individually. Thus, you can have similar products organiz within the same attribute file.

Once Again Contextual Relevance

is key to better visibility of your products in search engines and helps show products that visitors are interest in buying. By default, Woocommerce will display attributes on the product page in the Additional Information tab, near the product description. If you have allowed product attributes to be archived, they will be clickable and will link to a page containing other products with the same attribute. The solution: in an eCommerce where the same attribute must cover different categories.

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