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in order to carry out the missions entrusted to him, the account manager plans the various tasks, ensures that there are no delays and if this product seeks solutions to these problems. When an industrial company uses an inbound marketing agency like Nile, it places its trust in it to Costa Rica Phone Numbers List support its growth. The account manager and the agency on which he depends are not simple service providers but partners in the company’s success. How to fulfill the role of account manager in inbound marketing effectively? After having clarified, I hope, what the job of account manager consists of, perhaps you are wondering how to carry out these missions?

The ingredients for a successful account manager position are multiple and naturally depend on the personality of the person who occupies it. However, certain elements are essential to properly fulfill your role as an account manager in inbound marketing: Curiosity : continuous training is not an option but a necessity. It should even be fun. Technologies and good practices evolve at such a speed that if the account manager does not show a minimum, if not a maximum, of curiosity, he will quickly be overwhelmed. The thirst for learning, on the contrary, allows him to discover new possibilities for his clients and helps him to evolve at the rate of innovation. Concern for results.

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As an account manager in inbound marketing you must be “accountable”, in other words you are responsible for the results of the inbound marketing strategy put in place, whether good or bad. You must therefore always keep an eye on them to be able to analyze the impact of each action and correct them if necessary.  It also involves always keeping in mind the methods to improve these results and the search for new avenues of optimization. The account manager is a tightrope walker . He must be able to manage several customer accounts in a given time. At Nile, for example, we manage an average of 3 to 4 clients each. You have to be able to prioritize and keep an eye on upcoming tasks.


Finally, each client is different and it is essential to take the time to properly. Identify their needs and expectations in order to best meet them. Customer satisfaction is a key part of the role of account manager. Why is the account manager a privileged partner in inbound marketing? The account manager is an essential interlocutor in any effective inbound marketing strategy. Through his close collaboration with the client, the account manager. Serves as a sort of bridge between his agency and the client’s company. He is also the one who keeps an eye. On the results and identifies weaknesses and opportunities and alerts the client to these.

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More than a service provider, the inbound marketing agency and the account manager must. Be partners for their clients by enabling them to achieve their objectives and grow better. The account manager contributes to this by building a relationship of trust with the client. He is in a way a conductor who makes sure to avoid false notes. In the inbound marketing strategy put in place. Being an account manager at Nile Occupying this position is a truly stimulating challenge. Occupying him at Nile is a golden opportunity.

Admittedly, this is probably very suggestive. Here are some arguments that I think speak in favor of the. Nile agency when it comes to occupying an account manager position. Nile is not your average inbound marketing agency. It has chosen to specialize in industry and, as such, is one of the few in France. This innovative positioning leads us to take up exciting challenges to support the growth of industries. The themes encountered are very diverse, what better remedy for the weariness. Or the daily grind that sometimes sets in in certain positions? To be honest, the working environment is far from unpleasant.

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