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Stand out and make you last. If your brand image was all about your name and logo then it would be easy to control everything. But, a brand image is built Singapore Phone Number List and is based on many more marketing elements. Despite this difficulty, it remains imperative to keep your brand image at the highest level. Not content with making you recognizable, a strong brand image is a decisive element in your success. It will allow you to retain your customers, find new markets more easily, lower your marketing costs, and be able to recruit your employees more easily, etc.

To help you understand and apply the methods of the brands that have been most successful on the internet, today we are offering you a detailed summary of all the elements that constitute a strong and lasting brand image on the web. Contents A clear and attractive offer Positioning that sets you apart from your competitors. A memorable and meaningful name Irresistible value propositions. A personality so that your target is attached to your brand Storytelling to strengthen your credibility. Responsible ethics to unite around a common mission A logo that marks people’s minds A strong and unique visual identity.

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A website designed to optimize the user experience Ways to make yourself visible Social networks to humanize your brand A clear and attractive offer for a strong brand image The concept of your brand is built primarily on your offer, on the products or services you offer. In order for your audience to have a clear representation of your brand, they need to understand precisely what you have to offer them. Your offer must be the solution to a need or a problem and, it must be presented simply: as obvious. Formulate your offer in a clear and attractive way and your brand will immediately become part of the awareness of your target audience.


Does it provide an easy solution to a difficult problem? Our recommendation: Ask a few people around you to define your product or service in 15 words. You will obtain new avenues to exploit to define your offer and the concept of your brand. Positioning that sets you apart from your competitors Who is your brand for? Who are you looking to seduce and especially how will you go about getting there? Take the problem backwards.

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Brush the portrait of your ideal client (the buyer persona), and surprise him with an original positioning. The customer freely chooses to go to one brand rather than another. There are reasons for this and an original and unique positioning will tip the choice in your favor . What niche is your brand positioning itself in? Apple never sells a discount product because Most importantly, Most importantly, its positioning is geared towards the high end. Moreover, the Apple stores are not Most importantly, arranged like computer stores but. To position Most importantly, your brand, use mapping (or perceptual map): a graphic representation on 2 dimensions which allows you to visua

lize the position of your competitors according to 2 criteria.
You will then be able to clearly position yourself in unoccupied “spaces”. perceptual map. Two competing brands can have the same positioning on certain criteria, but they necessarily stand out on others. It’s up to you to be creative to find positioning criteria that others have not thought of! The positioning adopted will lead to consistency in all your actions. You must follow it Ad vitam æternam. If you change it abruptly, you risk disconcerting your target and seeing them go away. Our recommendation: Your positioning must meet 5 criteria: be simple, clear, irresistible, differentiated, sustainable.

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