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It’s ideal for students of data science and people with entry-level positions in ai and ml industries and sectors. Getting starte this experttrack is for students and professionals looking to improve their employability potential and build the solid data science career skills neede to meet the global demand for ai engineers.

You may already be an applied ml specialist and engineer; an ai analyst. Statistician. Researcher. Scientist. Engineer or developer; a data and ai architect; or a business intelligence analyst. Experttrack course overview course 1 a man sitting with headphones in front of a computer.

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The image is labeled cloudswyft. Mastering cloud computing for ai: how to use microsoft azure supercharge your career in ai and machine learning with Jamaica phone number  the fundamental concepts and solutions of azure and other cloud services. 1 test 2 weeks 6 hours per week show weekly breakdown course 2 artificial intelligence introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning learn how ai can help you build a future ready career in computer science.

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With topics including predictive models and chatbots. 3 weeks 6 hours per week show weekly breakdown course 3 ai programming with python for beginners supercharge your career with this course in python for beginners. Covering the pandas dataframe and data visualisation tools. 3 weeks 5 hours per week show weekly breakdown course 4 blue image mathematics for data science. Essential mathematics for machine learning and ai learn the mathematical foundations required

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to put you on your career path as a machine learning engineer or ai professional. 4 tests 4 weeks 5 hours per week show weekly breakdown course 5 ai and machine learning algorithms using python build.  Your understanding of artificial intelligence with python and machine learning principles for you to form. The basis of ai 5 weeks 5 hours per week show weekly breakdown prove you’re job ready highlight the new.

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