What is HbbTV technology and what is it for

Using HbbTV technology, Kineton has developed KbbTV, Iran Phone Number List a solution that allows you to collect. A set of elementary information, aggregated or identifying, HbbTV technology Depending on the need Iran Phone Number List. Relating to the viewers who use the content. The collected data can be used through a web application, Provided in the Simplify the development Iran Phone Number List.

How user tracking HbbTV technology works

To the advantage of broadcasters, Who can thus get to know their digital audience. With this objective Kineton has created the Iran Phone Number List.  KbbTV platform consisting of a series Iran Phone Number List of modules. The project was a finalist in the Through the use of the KbbTV  each HbbTV technology broadcaster, whether satellite, Terrestrial or over IP, Iran Phone Number List will have the HbbTV technology possibility.

Iran Phone Number List

That uses the contents. distributed on its own channel of interest, Or that wants to interlace several channels at the same time. For example, it is possible to collect information from multiple channels belonging to the same Iran Phone Number List publisher via the same platform: mobile,  Iran Phone Number List the tracking application visible on the affected device. The information HbbTV technology collected can be essentially divided into two large Iran Phone Number List -sets.

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