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But if this is not the goal of your channel, it is not Colombia Phone Number fair to charge your channel for this. It is possible that your channel will generate visitors who will become interested in your product as a result. So they convert later. To include this added value in your assessment of the channels, you can visit the supporting conversions report. In the example, you see Colombia Phone Number that visitors from Facebook/CPC only convert 8 times directly from the ad. This would make you say it is less effective.

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But if this channel is for new users, you can’t count Colombia Phone Number on the instant conversion. You see that this channel is used much more often by visitors who come back later and then convert. Looking at the ratio between the last non-direct conversion and the supporting Colombia Phone Number conversion, this channel is way above the other channels. This is therefore a great channel to find new potential customers. So it would be a shame to reject it.

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Practice makes perfect It will probably remain a challenge to draw conclusions with these tips that will help the company and your website move forward. But practice makes perfect. Numbers say almost Colombia Phone Number nothing without knowing the context. Try to link the events in the data to your own work and the ins and outs of your organization. What is the strategy behind the website and communication channels? And how can you determine whether the current strategy is the right way to the goal? The answer: dates.

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