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Have access to with google lighthouse? Audit example with google lighthouse image. Google when performing an analysis of your web page with google lighthouse you will obtain . A report with an individual score in five different modules. Next, we will analyze each of these modules. Performance the performance -or performance- of your website is directly related to its overall . Loading speed and the ease of the user when interacting with the content of your page. Both functions are key to knowing both your search . Engine positioning and to assess how users perceive your website.

You may have made a great effort to dress your website with very striking images in high definition. However, if your page is slow, it is possible that the user abandons it before . It fully loads. Google rewards websites that load pages quickly and. When it comes to displaying its search results, it prioritizes fast websites over those . With slower loading speeds. 2. Accessibility the accessibility test verifies that each page has a header, and performs basic checks regarding the colors . Of the web, making sure that the content is perfectly legible.

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Can be resized to make it easier for visually Ivory Coast Phone Number impaired users to read. Similarly, it is impossible to perform a complete audit using these automated tests. For this reason. Google provides a list with a series of items that you must verify manually. In this way, you can guarantee . That your website meets all accessibility requirements. 3.best practices the results produced by . This module are more general than those provided by the rest. It focuses, above all, on the . Analysis of aspects related to web security that can be violated. It analyzes, among other things, internal errors when loading the page.

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References to library files that are out of date, or the existence of links considered unsafe. 4.seo many users are familiar with seo positioning. This test checks that the website is optimized to be easily found by search engines. It performs different checks . Such as verifying that each page has an h1, meta tags, etc. The seo analysis includes, in turn, a list of attributes that must be . Checked manually by the webmaster. 5. Progressive mobile apps progressive mobile app (pwa) analytics checks the pages of your site to ensure that they can be easily.

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And that they can be accessed offline by the user. This functionality is especially relevant if the public of your website . Is in a region where internet access may be poor or irregular. Why is it important to analyze your website with google lighthouse? Now that we have discovered what parameters of your website . Google lighthouse analyzes, you may be wondering why it is important . To take into account the results of this report. Improving the performance of your website should always be one of your priorities. Optimizing the web with better search performance on mobile.

Devices as a priority will always have a positive impact on the performance of your desktop version. Users increasingly use the mobile device to surf the internet. For this reason, offering a smooth browsing experience and a fast-loading website is of vital importance. These improvements, in turn, will have a very positive effect on the traceability of your website. And, after all, what are the benefits of a page that is not receiving visits? A website with a better performance obtains higher positions . When it comes to throwing search results.

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