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This inbound marketing method will help you build a solid sales database. In conclusion, these are all the steps that stand between you and the next customers you will get online. You have the knowledge and you have the audience — You can do it. To go further in the theme of lead generation, I invite you to download the guide below on inbound lead generation. The question of the day comes from Maxime who wondered about the relevance of press relations, particularly in the industrial sector. How to proceed to obtain articles in the specialized press? This article includes three best practices to follow when considering obtaining press coverage in the industrial press. What I’m sure of is that it’s far from dead.

Things have changed, the job of journalist has evolved, press relations and public relations in general have evolved a lot since the arrival of the Internet and we no longer carry out press relations as we did a few years ago. Print still has a little weight in the industry but, from my point of view, we are Uruguay Phone Number List rather on a downward slope  . Now, there are many places where you can find journalists. If possible, avoid talking about your company, because that is not what journalists are interested in. Today, try to take an interest in your audience, try to answer recurring problems of your buyer personas , to give answers to problems or to provide solutions (this is exactly what we usually do when doing inbound).

Even If You Already Have The Best Sales

Just like your marketing, try to do inbound marketing with journalists, i.e. produce content with high added value that you will offer to journalists, bloggers, newspapers, specialized sites … Either all these sites that can have an influence on your customers. But to do this, you have to be very methodical. Try to list all these Internet sites, try to get in touch on Twitter, on LinkedIn and on other social networks, with the people who write these articles for these sites or for these newspapers. It’s no secret I’m not a big fan of living rooms . However, B2B shows still have a lot of weight in the industrial sector and you have huge opportunities at certain shows.


These are shows that will generate a lot of audience and that will generate a lot of “noise” on the Internet (on social networks and especially on Twitter), try to use this excitement to get in touch with journalists: because, at that point, you will be able to easily identify them and bring added value with your content. Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe. What is certain is that you have to adopt a little the same principle as what you could have on your blog . Don’t talk about yourself! Don’t pitch, don’t pay for advertorials (frankly, nobody reads them…).

Technique In Btob Marketing This Is Why

Try to convey messages about solutions that you could bring to your potential audience. A lead or prospect is someone who, in one way or another, expresses interest in your company’s products or services. Concretely, we will qualify as a lead a person who has filled out a form collecting contact information on your website in order to download or access content. By showing their natural interest in your company, the lead initiates a relationship with you, so you no longer have to solicit this person “coldly”. Marketing in the industry has  often been limited to “cold” commercial prospecting (presence at trade fairs, canvassing on purchased files, etc.).

But this is no longer as effective today for three major reasons. This is interrupt marketing. The person you are prospecting for has not requested your email or phone call. So you have a good chance of disturbing them at a time that will not be conducive. To a productive exchange. In fact, 50% of prospects find salespeople too insistent (HubSpot). Your cost of acquiring new customers is very high and your return. On investment is very uncertain – if measurable – because. You are forced to move forward blindly based on prospecting files purchased or created by you.

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