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As a sales manager, you need to continuously monitor the performance of your team. For this, the best solution is to set up relevant indicators, compiled in a performance monitoring table, or dashboard sales Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List to be able to readjust your actions and your objectives constantly. Here are some tips to help you build your dashboard. 1- Start from your goals To evaluate the performance of your salespeople, the first step is to start from your growth objective. The additional growth you want to generate will determine how many new customers you need to acquire this year.

Then, you can decline this annual objective into a monthly objective for the number of additional customers. To make this goal meaningful to your entire team, take the time to share it with them and explain it to them. If your reps aren’t hitting their targets, this might be the reason. 2- Build your sales pipeline To measure the performance of your sales team, you need to have an overview of the progress of each deal in your sales pipeline. To do this, take the time to build it with your team, so that it is the same for everyone, and well understood by everyone. Define together the different stages of the sales cycle: when does a contact become a lead qualified by the sales team? an opportunity ?

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When should I send him a quote? etc… Do this work in concert with your marketing team, whose main mission is to provide qualified leads to your sales team Thus, starting from your objective of number of new customers to generate in the year and the average conversion rates that you have observed at each stage of the sales cycle, you will know how many contacts you need permanently in your pipeline. Define together the minimum volume of activity to be achieved. Once you’ve created your sales pipeline structure, and observed your average conversion rates at each. Stage of the sales cycle, you can set a daily, weekly, or monthly business volume goal.


Indeed, you will know how many contacts are necessary before converting X contacts into X opportunities, and so on. The challenge for your sales reps is to fill their sales pipeline, and, logically, it should always be “full of new contacts” in the first phase of the sales cycle, here are some tips for filling it with opportunities . Here is an example of the commercial data that we follow on a daily basis at Nile, and which allows us to have good visibility on the volume of business in progress: It’s no secret that the higher the volume of activity of your sales reps, the more likely you are to fill your sales pipeline with opportunities.

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To do this, do not hesitate to measure the number of contact attempts made. By your sales representatives: calls, emails, appointments made or quotes sent are all commercial activities that you should be able to measure. Time spent performing each task: Do not hesitate to ask each. Of your sales representatives to tell you the time spent on each task. So you can help them optimize their time and spend more on activities that really generate business for you. Indeed, many tools today allow you to automate a certain number of tasks that consume time. But do not generate value, such as quote reminders.

Here are some tips for your sales reps to organize their prospecting time . Transaction forecasting This indicator allows you to have visibility on the deals in progress. Which your sales representatives have planned to close by the end of the period. You can calculate it by multiplying the amount of each trade by the probability of its phase closing. Planned transactions against objectives Calculate revenue from closed deals against your team’s quota or each rep’s custom quota.

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