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How is the measurement with data Ivory Coast Phone Number attributes and/or JavaScript and/or with a tag management system implemented? Preparation story Start a complex measurement with a preparation story so that the implementation task or story raises a few questions and can be well specified and estimated at a refinement. During the preparation Ivory Coast Phone Number story you investigate how you want to implement a certain measurement and which disciplines are required for this.

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Also, consider whether all data is Ivory Coast Phone Number currently necessary to collect relevant insights. What does the data yield? Perhaps part of the measurement can be implement at a later date. This could lead to splitting the task or story. Compare it to Ivory Coast Phone Number an MLP ( Minimum Lovable Product ). Also read: No or hardly any conversions? This is how you find the cause Valuable web analytics team effort A measurement implementation is the responsibility of the entire development team.

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A web analyst cannot do without Ivory Coast Phone Number developers for a reliable measurement implementation with added value. Which disciplines do you need? The (technical) web analyst determines which data must be available at what time. Front-end developers are responsible for Ivory Coast Phone Number the JavaScript implementation on web pages and data attributes on elements. They take care of the triggering of the measurement and thus the correct timing of the data.


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