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It gives you credits. thumbs up good Kenya Phone Number compliment Tip 2. Give a compliment behind someone’s back We often find it difficult to compliment someone directly. But that’s not a bad thing, because you achieve even more by giving the compliment behind someone’s back. Take as an Kenya Phone Number example this true story of my colleague David. David was a soldier in the 1980s and stationed in Ireland, where it was very unsafe at the time because of the fighting against the IRA.

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The soldiers marched through Belfast in Kenya Phone Number teams of four, bullets literally flying around their ears. On David’s first day, a friend of his was shot dead. He was then assigned to a team with Paddy Harvey. According to David, Harvey was the biggest idiot in there. Since it was Kenya Phone Number literally a matter of life and death, he went to the commander and said he didn’t want to work with Harvey.

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The commander replied, “But haven’t you heard Kenya Phone Number Harvey talking about you? He tells everyone that he likes you so much!” David was a boxing champion at the time and Harvey Kenya Phone Number often went to watch his matches. Also, read Compliments as an opportunity for web care & community management.


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