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An API is a kind of lock that is built between Russia Phone Number two databases and allows to connect data from tool.  With tool is use by the marketing team. An API is always tailor to a specific need for data exchange. iPaas platforms An easier alternative is to use an iPaas platform (like Zapier). This acts Russia Phone Number as a kind of intermediary between the tool of the marketing agency and the tool of the marketing team.

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According to a certain logic. Data is transfer Russia Phone Number from one platform via the iPaas platform to the other platform on demand. Where APIs are customised, a subscription is sufficient to use an iPad platform. No customization is possible. But you get the possibility to get data from the marketing agency to the marketing team quickly and in a more budget-friendly way and vice versa. And you? Do Russia Phone Number you work at an agency or are you a customer at a marketing agency. Are you experiencing the same problems?

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Or do you have a solution? Let us know in Russia Phone Number a comment below. Stefan van Ballegooie of Allianz puts it nicely: a large tree starts with a small seed. The same goes for CRO. Don’t immediately waste thousands of euros on a usability study, if you actually have no experience with this yet. You can do a Russia Phone Number small usability study for 0 euros. According to Stefan, you can solve 80% of usability issues by conducting a survey among only 5 people. Where do you find those 5 people?

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