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While active users reached an approximate figure Hungary Phone Number of 381 million. Which represents an increase of 4 percent in terms of years where 365 million users were registered.  Music plays a fundamental role in millions of users shown. Whether they consume it Hungary Phone Number through Bluetooth speakers or using Misik’s MH600 Hi-Fi Headphones. For a more personal enjoyment. Since its foundation in 1966. The streaming music app has known how to stay within user Hungary Phone Number preferences, generating various user experiences.

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Metric guide identify  content. Sponsors or partners related to your users with the xeerpa rankings. Companies like amc networks are able to identify potential partners Hungary phone number or sponsors among the brands most followed by their users. In the same way. Brands can find out what Hungary phone number type of content is more in tune with their users. Thereby improving engagement on their social accounts. Qualification of dmps to improve the effectiveness of programmatic advertising companies such as grupo prisa are able to identify specific audiences in their dmp to fine-tune the segmentation of their display advertising. Thanks to the data provided by xeerpa.

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As well as a ranking of what as heard by region. Artist Hungary Phone Number and musical genre, within the latter the app annually produces a study of the most listen to by users. Within this study a ranking is shown where the five artists most listento by Mexicans Hungary Phone Number are exhibited.  As well as the five artists most listen to by the users of the digital platform.  Showing that the band is positioned as one of the dominant genres of.  The conversation by having more than Hungary Phone Number half of the positions in the ranking. The 5 most listen to Mexican artists on Spotify The ranking, released on January.

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