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Although this makes a lot of sense, I often notice that Tunisia Phone Number many advertisers are not yet actively using historical data for insights into their target audience. Basic knowledge of tools such as the Google Customer Barometer.  Google Analytics quickly provides a lot of insight into your target group. This applies to both the composition of your target Tunisia Phone Number group and the purchase process. Data-Driven Insights Data-driven insights When Google Analytics is set up correctly. The data from your website visitors is link to so-called ‘Google third-party audiences’.

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Google third party audiences With the search Tunisia Phone Number behavior of all Google users, Google is able to place your website visitors in specific interest groups, such as ‘clothing’ or ‘used cars’. Other relevant insights within Google Analytics are demographics, geography and via which devices the website visitors find your sites. You can then Tunisia Phone Number link this information to your conversion goals, such as a purchase or lead. By combining this, you can quickly see what your most relevant target groups are.

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Below is an example of an automotive Tunisia Phone Number advertiser. With these insights, you immediately know which target group you want to reach/target with your digital branding campaigns. Example data insights Automotive in Google Example data insights Automotive in Google 2. Data-driven targeting Now that you have a good Tunisia Phone Number understanding of your target audience. It’s time to start looking for data to actually reach this audience within your campaigns.


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