Two Emotional States

The channel with the most qualitative visitors is where your target group is located and where your communication works most optimally. Here you look at the number of users from the source. You compare this based on the behavioral and conversion statistics, for example bounce rate or conversion rate. You now determine which source performs better than the other sources. channelsPaid or organic search? Compare paid with organic search in the example above .

The Current State Of Emotion

Which of these two sources works best now? If you look at the share of ‘traffic’, organic yields the most. Much more than paid search. If we look at the behavioral statistics, you don’t see very big differences. And looking at the number of transactions, neither. But based on conversion rate, you see that paid search is much more effective. 0.29% of visitors from paid search make a purchase compared to 0.12% of traffic from organic search. Looking at social you see a bounce rate of 59% and an average of 3 pages are viewed per session.

The bounce rate across all channels together is 40% and the number of pages per session is 4.5. Social is therefore striking, which indicates that this traffic behaves differently from the other channels. Find an explanation To really assess this, it is important to also map out the knowledge about the website, the organization and the market. You can then see if you can explain the numbers on the basis of this knowledge. Is there a blog?

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