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Tips for advertising on Instagram Running successful ads on Instagram requires experience and continual trial and error. To make your task easier, we are going to offer you a series of tips that are very useful for achieving professional ads on Instagram: 1. Know your audience This is basic! There is nothing worse than creating ads or content for the wrong audience. Failure is resounding! You have to know very well what your audience is like, what they like the most, where they are, how they search for information online, etc. You must know their goals and values, what they want and need so that you can offer it to them when creating your ads. 2. Use of #hashtags There is no better way to create relevance than using different types of hashtags to tag

your ads. Use those that are popular but also of your own creation. Keep in mind that using hashtags in your Instagram posts can increase engagement by up to 12.6%. 3. Write persuasive texts On instagram, the display time of the ads is ephemeral. You need to grab the user’s attention quickly before they swipe to the next piece of content. To do this , we recommend you start with a striking phrase, a question or a surprising fact. You can also use emoticons or make a call to action using neuromarketing strategies such as the principle of scarcity (Last units) or exclusivity (Limited Edition). 4.

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Relevant call to action Use the most precise Call-to-action to be a complementary part of the ad. You must write an eye-catching call to action that motivates your audience to click Australia phone number on the ad, visit your website, buy or download content. 5. Stay up to date It is very important to keep up to date with trends and change the style of your ads constantly so that your audience does not lose interest. We recommend , formats, and audiences until you find the one that performs best for your goals. Observe the competition. On many occasions, it is enough to analyze the competition to see what formats, styles and types of ads work best at all times. 6. Quality in the photos The way you present a product should be in keeping with the message.

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If you want to present a great product, the quality of the image must also be great. We recommend using more than one image. Through several images, the message of an advertisement is reinforced, being easier for the user to remember. 7. Show your brand personality Consistency and consistency in your posts help reinforce your brand image. You must take care of the images, the tone and the message to represent who you are as a company. 8. Do A/B tests with images and copies It is essential

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to create several test versions of your ads, doing A/B tests of the calls to action, images and texts. Sometimes a small change, like a different copy or CTA, can get very different results. We encourage you to experiment with different text and visual elements of your ads, until you find the one that gives you the best performance. Are you liking the content? Subscribe to our blog! Email * I have read and accept the privacy policy * You can access the privacy policy from the following link . How to advertise on Instagram Ads? Follow these guidelines and learn how to advertise on Instagram step by step. 1.

Link your Instagram account to Facebook Before you start advertising on Instagram you have to link your account to Facebook. Please note that Facebook and Instagram use the same Facebook Ads platform. To link the account you have to enter your Facebook page and access the ‘Settings’. There find Instagram and click to add your account. You just have to add your username and password! How-to-make-advertisement-instagram 2. Create a campaign from Ads Manager After linking your Instagram account to Facebook you have to ‘create a new ad’.

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