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More than 3 years building the inbound engine of growth for Axxair and our other clients, with exceptional results, which places us in the big leagues, alongside agencies that I admire and respect for the quality of their work. Finally, this success is important because it confirms our choice to focus on helping ambitious industrial SMEs. Yes, inbound marketing is all the rage, but inbound isn’t right for every business. The changes it involves are far more important than a simple facelift of its website and a few blog posts scattered here and there. To obtain these exceptional results, Frédéric Legrand, manager of Axxair, has driven the movement within his company and has above all understood that it was necessary to change.

The way of selling to adapt it to the way his customers buy today. In short, a big thank you to my clients, a big thank you to my fabulous team of fighters (Psst: we are still recruiting ) and, as a Kazakhstan Phone Number List HubSpot partner agency, a big thank you to  their teams, for helping us transform the business of our clients. I leave the final word to David Mc Neil – VP Global Partner Program and Strategy at HubSpot. The HubSpot Agency Partner Impact Awards represent the best inbound work globally, across five core categories. We would like to congratulate Nile Agency on achieving the Inbound Growth Story award for their region amongst their competition.

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Next steps we are taking part in the final, the results of which will be known in Boston, during Inbound18, and we will be present in Dublin on May 15 for HubSpot’s Partner Day EMEA. Until then, if you too would like to see how you could become the agency’s next Inbound Growth Story, all you have to do is book a slot directly in my calendar to chat for a few minutes. Do you want to open an e-commerce store in the industrial sector , however, as an SME, you do not have thousands of euros to spend to build this site? If so, here are the steps to launch your B2B e-commerce site. Do you need a custom domain for your e-commerce site? The answer is yes, don’t start with a subdomain like.

You need to buy a domain name, a recognizable and memorable name. The latter does not necessarily have to be the same as your corporate site. Many manufacturers choose a different name for their e-commerce site (example: Saint Gobain and its Otiz site ). This is definitely the most complicated part. You ideally want a flexible and easy-to-use e-commerce platform, without coding skills, and like many manufacturers, you don’t have the time to carry out a complete comparison of existing solutions on the market. Often, we see that industrial SMEs are looking for a platform that easily integrates with their existing site (or at least allows them to create a site from scratch in a few simple steps).

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As HubSpot Marketing and Sales platform users, we recommend using Shopify . NB: HubSpot has just announced the native integration of Shopify into its platform, for all of its users, at no additional cost. Then it’s time to design your online store: add pages, products, blog posts, images, text, videos etc… Make sure you choose a universe that represents your industrial company. And allows you to present your products in the best possible light. Other important elements to consider.

Pay attention to the quality of product photos. Just as you demand from e-merchants when making. Your personal purchases online, you do not want to have photos that pixelate. Choose 4 to 5 photos per product and call on a photographer if necessary. Provide enough elements to the customer to allow him to make his choice. Do not skimp on online comparators, descriptions and other dimensions. On your product sheets (example: the comparison display at RS Components ).

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