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For example, research shows that during the 2016 US Bulgaria Phone Number presidential election, people over 65 shared almost 7 times as many fake news stories on Facebook as the youngest age groups. Young people have grown up with fake Bulgaria Phone Number news and seem to be more aware of the fact that not all news they see online is reliable. They realize that it is important to find out the source of the news and to estimate its value. Many Bulgaria Phone Number adults, on the other hand, think that platforms like Facebook, Google News, and Apple News do their own news coverage. Only 31% of adult Americans rightly say that Google News doesn’t create the news they share.

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The rest think that Google News itself sends reporters Bulgaria Phone Number on the road, or are not sure. Younger is overwhelmd by technology. Teens identify fake news better than their parents When it comes to identifying fake news, teenagers seem. Bulgaria Phone Number to outperform their parents. A BBC reporter visitd a secondary school in South Wales. There he playd the iReporter game with students agd 14 and 15 .game, in which players as emerging journalists are. confronted with an exclusive story. The young reporters must make Bulgaria Phone Number decisions about what to publish and what not to publish, carefully balancing the urge for spee and impact against reliability and accuracy.

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They receive various documents and photos fird at Bulgaria Phone Number them via e-mails and telephone calls. The students appeard to remain very calm during this emergency and examine all information very critically. They tracd the Bulgaria Phone Number. Looke for the original source of the. Photos and checke whether certain claims could also be officially confirmd by the parties involved. When it comes to identifying fake news, teens tend to outperform their parents. After the game, the result was discusse. The class appeard to have Bulgaria Phone Number scord well in terms of sped, impact and accuracy.

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