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For this, I use a lavalier microphone with an extension cord and a connection for the iPhone. Sometimes I alternate and I film my webcam . In this case, I use Screenflow software for editing (cut start and end, add …). As a general rule, the morecomplicated you try to do, the fewer videos you will shoot. It is better to start with simple but effective equipment. This is, in my opinion, what prevents the majority of people from making videos on their LinkedIn B2B profile . Yes, nobody likes to hear or see each other, and too often the gaze of others takes precedence over the desire to make short videos. Personally, my videos started working when I finally broke free from that.

However, this does not prevent you from asking the opinion of trusted people who will take a benevolent look at your approach. To learn more about how to use Luxembourg Phone Number List LinkedIn to grow your business , I recommend reading this guide on how to generate engagement on LinkedIn. One of the most difficult steps for an industrial company, which starts with content marketing, is certainly to manage to determine what to write. Rest assured, you are not alone in this case. But my advice is actually quite simple: answer the common questions you receive daily from your customers. Yes, it is as simple as that. When I’m on a sales meeting, as soon as my prospect asks me a question, my thought is immediately: “ Have I already answered this problem on the blog?

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However, I am not talking here about one or two sentences of answers to questions. I’m talking about really answering the question as part of a B2B inbound marketing approach, that is to say by providing deep explanations while approaching the subject with pedagogy, without bias. What common problems do they try to solve that you hear about all the time? You know, the ones that are so familiar you know exactly what they’re going to describe before you even finish the first sentence. These are what we call “ content triggers ” or content trigger signals.


It ‘s that moment when you see something really valuable or innovative, but realize it’s not well understood, that’s what I call a content trigger. A trigger is something you identify as an idea or topic that you can build around content to communicate a message to your personas. The more you identify, document and act on these triggers, the better you will educate your targets. When you make a habit of actively seeking out these content triggers, you start noticing them everywhere in your interactions with your prospects and customers. What are the long answers to questions you keep rewriting in emails that make you think, “I just wrote a very similar answer the other day.

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If you’re like me, there are plenty of occasions where I find myself digging through. My outgoing emails to copy and paste a few paragraphs into a new email. These are all content triggers. What comments, issues, or requirements do you see time. And time again in FAQs and forums that warrant a full answer? These are content triggers. Write down your ideas in a notebook By referencing all your ideas in a notebook like mine. You will gradually create a gold mine to organize your next content. Your next editorial line for your blog in the industry. These articles deal with common issues that your customers have to solve. It is important that you can go into these problems and the solutions in depth.

Lean on the expertise of your engineering teams to translate this into educational content for your personas. If your company is filled with subject matter experts, there’s no reason you can’t write about it. What products or services are your customers and prospects trying to compare during the buying process? What are they trying to figure out about each of them? Just as you would compare and contrast them in a conversation, do it in writing or through a video. Pricing articles address common questions you have about the cost of one service versus another. One product versus another, total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI ) ..

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