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Why did they sign up for this service? Depending on the targets, offer: exclusive content the latest news from your website / blog games, competitions … event promotion share value-added content Your goal is to drive traffic to your site, therefore generating enthusiastic clicks on the links in your newsletter. To do this, design a simple and clear message with an explicit call to action. Air your text and above all, keep your promises: you have promised preview content so give it away! Only 20% of people open a newsletter for the discount ! Download your own Service Level Agreement (SLA) to set targets for your marketing and sales teams.

So don’t bet on promos and discounts to increase your open rate. And finally, obey the law by visibly inserting an unsubscribe link . First of all because it is the law and no Bolivia Phone Numbers List one should ignore the law. And then, rest assured, it will  not encourage readers to unsubscribe but it will give seriousness to your mailings. In conclusion, Clear and concise message, clear and intuitive presentation, personalized addressing, promises kept; by respecting these points your newsletter will meet the expectations of your prospects and easily achieve its goal: to be read and generate traffic to your website.

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If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us directly here. And, if you want us to take care of your newsletter, we will be delighted! ¹According to a study by CCM Benchmark Institut -2015 An email with just text will hardly capture your reader’s attention. A good message lays the foundation for your relationship and strengthens your brand image Think about the expectations of your readers. We have classified these image banks into two categories: Premium Free This article is one of the most complete lists of image banks on the web, so keep it in your favorites if you often find yourself looking for images.


To be read and generate traffic to your website. Far from being old-fashioned and obsolete, the Newsletter – or newsletter in French
Is ranked by Internet users as the most effective advertising lever. ( 33 % ¹ of them say they have bought a product after seeing it in an email sent by the brand). Remember that it concerns a public who has registered for this service and therefore wishes to hear from you. Satisfy them by offering them quality communications, it will shine on your brand! Writing a newsletter should have a purpose . Your Newsletter must have a purpose. Don’t do it to be like everyone else, but take advantage of this open door to establish a real bond with your customers. They have signed up for this service, which is already a positive point for you.

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Now it’s your turn to get them to open this newsletter, read it and take action. Quickly contact new subscribers to your newsletter write effective newsletter As soon as they subscribe to this service, send your subscribers a first email to welcome them. If you delay too long, they may simply forget about you. And, upon receipt of their first newsletter, you risk being relayed in spam by these same subscribers. Tell yourself that the first thing that jumps out is the sender 55% of people open a newsletter because they know the sending company and they trust it.

Mention the name of your company of course and why not a first name which will add proximity. Immediately, it’s more engaging to read: “Etienne from company Y or Sophie from company W” sent me a message, rather than “info societe-Z”… email address that only inspires little empathy. And banish the noreply … that make you look like a ghost company that doesn’t really listen to its customers. Address your prospect directly by their first name (their username). This will establish closeness, and this closeness is the basis of your trusting relationship. For more fancy, you can add a symbol to the subject of your email.

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