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The black tea used in the study, not the tea we normally drink, or what components in black tea and apples compared. May mislead readers into thinking that drinking tea can used instead of eating fruit. The Keihin Island Central Gold Plating Industry Association (Keihin Island Central Electroplating Industrial Zone Manufacturers Association), we see how the wastewater of the electroplating industry operates a joint treatment facility, not relying entirely on the government, but showing the initiative of the enterprise. Masafumi Naito the chairman of the collaborative group.

He mentioned that the industrial areas here have a strong sense of

Connection with each other because in the early Kuwait Phone Number days after World War II, the raw materials used in a certain electricity process limited by the total amount of foreign imports. When the government allocates import quotas, it targets synergistic groups, and then negotiates within each group to determine the amount that individual companies can import. Due to this historical karma, the manufacturers in the same group have a certain centripetal force.

Later, after the control over, the cooperative group still retained and became a mutually friendly company and an organization that cooperated with each other. After 1970, frequent pollution incidents occurred in Japan, and the establishment of pollution prevention and control norms began. Originally, all the wastewater from the electroplating industry put into the river. In the era of serious pollution, the electroplating industry did not become the main object of civil pollution initiatives, but the industry chose to move the factory because of such an atmosphere.

Ring equipment Mr Masafumi Naito pointed out that in this process

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Due to the inspection of sewage and sewer-related units, it is difficult for individual manufacturers to do it by themselves. At the beginning, the seniors in the industry, who about 50 or 60 years old, decided to apply to the government to relocate the factory to this place. Solve the problem of public nuisance. At that time, the reclamation of Keihama Island had completed, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government planned to concentrate small businesses with noise and vibration problems there. The application of the electroplating company initially rejected because of the relatively high water consumption and the lack of energy in the sewage treatment facility on Keihin Island.

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