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Producing a certain amount of content per week or per month allows you to be considered an expert in the eyes of Google (important for SEO) and your visitors. Use wisely: Testimonials : What are your customers saying about you? You can shout from the rooftops all Cameroon Phone Number List you want, but the best way to get people to see the value in your offer is to show them proof! Quotes from your customers and testimonials are strong elements that can lead to increased leads and conversions. photos and videos: According to HubSpot, eye-tracking studies show that Internet users pay great attention to the information delivered by quality photos .

As for videos, including one on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Admittedly difficult to produce and can be time consuming, if done well, videos can drive a lot of engagement and conversions. Tip 4: Optimize the stages of the purchase journey It has often been noticed, especially in the industrial sector, that sites lack content on the entire purchase journey. Indeed, most of the content produced is in the AWARENESS phase (awareness) for your target, which is the phase of becoming aware of a need and seeking information on this need. Very little content is offered for the CONSIDERATION phases (when the visitor compares the various competing solutions available to him).

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And the DECISION phase. To work on these phases of the buying journey, you need to produce slightly more technical and specific content such as customer case studies, or even offer testimonials from your customers. These are ways to reassure the potential buyer in his decision-making, as B2B e-commerce sites do with customer reviews. Tip n°5: multiply the conversion opportunities Obviously, now that you are attracting the people you are interested in to your site, that they stay there because the browsing experience is good and that they find a lot of content that helps them…


There is no more convert them into leads! It is very important to have a contact page because it is still a reflex for many to look for this page on a site. But it is not enough to transform your traffic into leads. To increase conversion opportunities, you need to increase the number of forms while ensuring. Indeed, the length of the form must be in line with the linked offer, for example. You are not going to ask for the turnover, the number of employees. To download a simple infographic! On the contrary, in the case of a download of a very complete. White paper, you can afford to ask for more precise information.

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Thus it is necessary to limit the number of fields, because too many they can represent a brake! To increase your conversions, consider creating “user friendly” content. Optimize your CTAs and test your titles A/B testing of your calls-to-action. Can help you identify the offers that interest your Internet users. Messages that are too general will not convert. Don’t forget to make your calls-to-action attractive: an action verb. A message that will make your prospects want to click, an interesting offer,… How do you write the titles on your landing pages to convert your visitors? It’s not an exact science because it will depend on your target audience. But writing catchy headlines and testing them will help you convert your website visitors into leads.

Internet users sometimes stop at the headlines, which means that you. Will not necessarily have the opportunity to attract their attention if your title is not convincing. Make your website work for you! One of the good things about having an industry-optimized website. Is that it can work hard to generate leads and leads while you’re sleeping . Optimizing it can take time, but getting real results can happen faster than you thought. Nothing will change if you do not apply any of these strategies suggested above. Use this knowledge to take initiatives as quickly as possible.

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