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Like the person who compliments you. A compliment Latvia Phone Number can serve as a gift to trigger the persuasion principle of reciprocity. But it activates the principle of liking anyway. Do you want to strengthen that effect even more? First, make sure  Latvia Phone Number that you like the person. because in order to make a powerful compliment. You have to genuinely like someone. First, make sure you like the person you’re about to compliment.

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During sales training, it is often said that the most Latvia Phone Number important sales rule is that the customer must like you. But actually, make sure that you like the customer. Because if the customer (or colleague, friend or family member) feels that you really like him, he trusts you and is convinced that you want the best for him. Tip 4. Express your Latvia Phone Number admiration (and know who to do it to) The following story is also true and comes from the reciprocity expert Robert Cialdini himself.


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An acquaintance of his named Tracy works for Latvia Phone Number a large company where she is responsible for the training program. Tracy hated a certain colleague. Because no matter how busy it was, that man would come in at 9 in the morning and always go home at 5 in the morning. Others did work overtime and that chafed Tracy. But one day Latvia Phone Number she learned that the man in question had adopted two severely autistic children. The structure is important for these children, their father always had to be home on time.


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