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You will ensure a positive impact on your ROI thanks to the increase in the number of opportunities. Less wasted time, more efficiency… The recipe for happiness? The results of your inbound marketing strategies in the industry are measurable and clearly demonstrable. The use of appropriate tools is essential, whether Hubspot or other CMS, in order to know exactly what each action generates in terms of traffic, leads, etc. By implementing CTAs, calls to action, and optimized Landing Pages, monitoring your KPIs becomes simple and effective. However, do not forget to do it regularly in order to detect as soon as possible what is not working and to improve it.

It also allows you to reproduce what on the contrary works particularly well. Estimate your ROI with inbound, thanks to our online ROI calculator. Switching Paraguay Phone Number List to inbound marketing in the industry generates more qualified leads. Thanks to the alignment of your marketing and sales teams but also thanks to the knowledge of your personas and their background, you know who you are dealing with and can therefore work on your content in order to attract the right profiles. This improves your results since by addressing the right people, those who correspond to your typical buyer, you increase your sales opportunities while optimizing your efforts.

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Thus, properly executed, inbound strategies in the industry are 10 times more effective in converting leads compared to other methods. (Gartner) The cost of leads is cheaper than in outbound marketing. It is estimated that for every euro spent, inbound generates 3 times more leads than any other marketing method (Kapost). This therefore has a positive impact on your ROI and your results in general. Switching to inbound marketing in your industry will require a real start-up investment, patience and perseverance. But your efforts will be rewarded: your teams will work together to achieve the objectives, the leads generated.


Will be more qualified, cheaper and more numerous. To find out in detail how inbound marketing in the industry helps SMEs boost their ROI, download our free guide below. Today, I receive Anthony Técher from SEOQuantum. We are going to deal with the various changes encountered in the natural referencing (SEO) sector. His company, SEOQuantum , helps enrich content and work on long-tail keywords (3-4 keywords) to optimize web pages. Expert on these questions of natural referencing, he answers us on the appearance of “topic clusters” and other barbaric terms to illustrate the great SEO change of recent months. Dad-style SEO” is over, explains Anthony Técher.

That The Themes Correspond Well To The Personas Identified

And for good reason, trying to position your web page first on a specific keyword. No longer meets today’s SEO requirements. Wanting to be first on. Google is not just about repeating and repeating your keyword over. And over again in order to stand out on the search engine. These techniques are even prohibited! Indeed, in recent years. Google has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into its updates. That aim to understand the search intent behind the query. The search engine, thanks to Deep Learning (or Machine Learning). Finely analyzes the behavior of Internet users in order to test the relevance of the content it offers.

According to the time that the Internet user will spend on a page. Google will deduce the relevance of the content vis-à-vis the initial request.  Just like inbound marketing and its three-phase purchase journey ( Awareness, Consideration, Decision ). And in order to maximize results at the end of the funnel. It is important to be able to respond to each of the stages of this process. journey. The objective is to “capture the attention” of Internet users, regardless of the stage of maturity they arrive on your industrial website. Carry out research on the keywords used by the targets you are targeting in order to adapt your content (if it exists) or to start a content marketing strategy if necessary.

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