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For businesses and brands, this tool continues to be the most effective way to disseminate advertising and communication, and build long-term relationships with their customers. According to appinstitute, 91% of consumers use email every day, 66% of consumers Iceland Phone Number List have made an online purchase after receiving a message by email, and 74% of people prefer to receive marketing information by email. These figures show the importance of emailing for Therefore, consumers, but above all give interesting. Clues to companies about the behavior of recipients on an e-commerce platform.

And the information on the recipients, obtained by using a tool like , is very useful not only to. Analyze the success of our campaign, but also to understand, in our online store. What is the behavior of our customers. with respect to our products. Email marketing, if used creatively, encourages the recipient to buy, while appealing to emotions. So how can an. Emailing solution help you increase your website conversions? Best practices for emailing adapted to e-commerce. Emailing today Therefore, represents 5% to 10% of e-commerce transactions, it is one of the most efficient. Channels when it comes to generating sales in an online store. some tips for a successful e-commerce emailing campaign.

Right After-sales Commercial Strategy

Personalization and targeted Therefore, messages As an e-merchant, you receive a lot of information about your consumers every day. If you use a professional emailing solution for your campaigns, such as Mailify. You have the possibility of obtaining very interesting data on them: navigation on the site. Click-through rate, open rate, interest for specific themes, etc. Address each person individually with a relevant message to boost conversions. Welcome emailing Automatic and personalized welcome email marketing is a strategy that should be included in your e-commerce campaign.


Now is the time to offer some promotions and benefits for new customers and the opportunity to. Increase Therefore, visits to your online store. Call-to-action: the allies of e-commerce The goal of e-commerce emailing is to turn consumers’ interest into sales and maintain a long-term relationship Therefore, with them. To have more conversions, add “call to action” buttons, to encourage action. Feel free to use bright colors and place them at the beginning of the message, as early as possible. Newsletters regulières To make effective emailing for your e-commerce, it is important to create newsletters that interest the recipients.

And The Indicators For Measuring Customer

Send precise messages at the perfect time to build close relationships with your customers and prospects. We must seek loyalty through regular messages. Or simply information on products that might interest your Therefore, contacts. The consumer will be happy to know that you are thinking of them. If you want to get conversions on your site, you have to think about the messages you are going to send. Make sure you include quality content that interests your Therefore, consumers. Your message with images, videos on the products, advice on use, etc.

This will have the effect of introducing Therefore, your recipients into the brand universe and encouraging them to purchase. After the purchase: some opinions In e-commerce, your emailing campaign does not end after the purchase. To establish a closer and more human relationship with your recipients. You must keep in touch after the sale: know if the order has been received. If the product has already been used, send additional advice, etc. A post-purchase emailing strategy will demonstrate that you listen carefully to your customers and you Therefore, will gain their trust. Emailing campaigns to set up in e-commerce Here are some examples of emailing. Cmpaigns that you can carry out to make your e-commerce more efficient.

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