This recall, for the Kuomintang, is actually just

Do you think he will continue to manipulate the malicious dismissal? What if it were? Even my family’s parents-in-law in Shenlan. Began to think that these people were so ugly, How much of the support of middle voters. Would they lose by slow suicide invisibly? Instead, I’m more worried about the light blue piece being eaten by those fake neutrals. On the contrary, I am more worried that after raising the threshold for dismissal. There will be more Korean Yus in the future, but we are helpless. To stop? Sounds cool, out of breath?

Then when someone with

a heart points to the nose and says that you are “as bad as blue and green”, they finally harvest the middle voters. Is it the CCP or the Taiwanese Communist Party that is cheaper? On the eve of the vote on the recall case __ Chen Baiwei was Norway Phone Number tearful and thanked for his support (2) Photo Credit: WebMD I object to arguing in anger at this time to raise the threshold for revision and recall In 2016, the DPP also proposed to lower the threshold for removal in order to cut the blue committee.

The power of the times roared that

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the threshold for the DPP is still too high, and even proposed a zero threshold for voter turnout, as long as the votes for recall are greater than those against recall. “Let the loser clamor to change the rules of the game” is actually a conspiracy in itself. This just made Bai Wei be labeled as a loser, made the DPP be attacked with double standards, and made the ruling party lose its credibility. If you just successfully dismissed Han Guoyu, you said that you need to raise the threshold for dismissal. Even, when you were protecting Huang Jie, you said that you wanted to raise the threshold for revision and recall, but that’s okay to say, if you lost yesterday, you would come to argue about the practice today, it’s really nonsense.

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