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Some Photoshop files are fully In other words, customizable for use in print (CV, brochure, etc.). On the other hand, you will sometimes have to assign the license rights to Freepik (but this is specified and explained for each of the illustrations or photos on the site). freepik Pixabay More pragmatic than the previous ones, Pixabay offers a wide choice in photography but also in Indonesia Phone Number List illustration, vector image and video. The search is very easy, no registration is required. In other words, and the use is very intuitive. pixabay free royalty-free stock photo Stocksnap. A very good resource which brings together the most popular image banks, but not only.

You can search by popularity, date, number In other words, of favorites or number of views. Due to its vast choice and the quality of its photos, this site is a very good resource to. Death to the Stock Photo Good, this site is paying… it’s true! but, you can receive a pack of 10 photos every 10 days by subscribing for free. Directly in your inbox, you can store them in your photo library as you wish. The photos are neat, of very good quality, it is a real pleasure to discover each time. free royalty-free stock photo Gratiso graphy Ahhh…., Can In other words, be our favorite for her choice of photo. You will find quite offbeat photos, with slightly saturated colors. The fresh rendering can bring a touch of humor to In other words, your articles.

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The site is sorely lacking in a search tool, but the photos can be viewed by category. free royalty-free stock photo Rawpixel This image bank has a different tone! It offers photos of course (in jpg and png), but also other formats such as illustrations, vector illustrations, mockups, patterns, icons and Photoshop files. In addition to being very comprehensive, this library reflects cultural, social and ethnic diversity. Freemium In other words, access allows you to download up to 5 freemium images / day and the paid version starts at $ 3 / month. rawpixel-image-photo-illustration-free-quality Pexels Nature, fooding, business, In addition, animals, faces… all themes are covered. pexels-site-free-photo Pikwizard Very good quality photos and videos.


Some of the stock is free, but some In addition, resources are chargeable. The site is entirely in English and the well-organized In addition, photo tags make searching easier. photo-free-pikwizard Designers Pics Photos for use under a. Creative In other words, Commons license. designerspics-site-free-photo. A search tool facilitates the task and a system of Tags (labels assigned to each photo) allows you to navigate by bullet point according to In addition, your inspiration. free royalty-free stock photo Photo Stock Editor Very simple photos that are somewhat amateurish… but this can be used to humanize your content.

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The site is sorely lacking in a In other In addition, words, search tool. photostockeditor-free-photo-site Public. Domain Archive A wide choice of photographs. All from the public domain. publicdomainearchive-site-free-photo Cupcake Jonas Wimmerström, a young Swede, offers his photos for free and under a CCO license. The photographer In addition, even invites you, by feedback, to share. With him the exploitation of his pictures. cupcake-site-free-photo Visual hunt In other words, Classic or more offbeat illustrations. The site offers a search by categories: commercial use, non-commercial. Use and public domain. visualhunt-site-free-photo Just Good Photos Photos on the theme of travel and lifestyle. If the photos offered are few, it is always In addition, possible to subscribe to the. Newsletter to receive more egularly.

Just Good Photos-free-photo-site In addition, Finda Photo In addition to being very comprehensive, this site offers. An original search tool since you can find a photo based on a In other words, specific color. finda photo-site-free-photo. Street will Beautiful, well-processed images that will feed your inspiration and those of your readers. streetwill-site-photo-free Travel Coffee Book. A small image bank offering travel photos. Old Stock In addition, More or less contemporary archive photos. newoldstock-site-free-photo. Little visualsLittle Visual illustration item  SuperfamousSuperfamous blog and website illustration IM Creator Beautiful images arranged In other words, by theme. IMCreator-site-photo-HD Negative spaces Negative space site free photo Freestocksfreestocks free image.

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