They Often Suffer From A Lack Of Transparency

To make the right decisions on the lead generation process and the path to purchase. Some sites offer to “agree on advice over the phone” on their product sheets. This is the case of  Jungheinrich , one of the world leaders in the field of intra-logistics which markets on its e-commerce portal, among other things, models of pallet trucks. By filling out a form on the product sheet, it is possible to be contacted. The use of forms is a very good element for obtaining the contact details of lukewarm prospects and possibly considering  btob marketing workflows to help them mature their thinking (lead nurturing) . Size, diameter, height, width, brand, color, material etc… are all criteria which can be decisive and above all.

Which can waste the time of the potential buyer if he has to note, in parallel, the characteristics products that interest him. The more it will be possible to refine product Qatar Phone Number List searches, the more your e-commerce site will be useful to your visitors. Up- selling or up- selling gives you the ability to offer a complementary product to items already added to the shopping cart. Integrate this feature to sell the products on which you generate the best margins. In addition, you can use it to run promotions like: “Buy one get one free” . The Elesa site sells  components for industrial machinery and equipment. It offers upsells on its product sheets.

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The most successful e-commerce sites are those that have a complete marketing and sales strategy: from attracting traffic to an up-sell strategy to increase the average value of customer baskets. In general, an industrial company that generates between 1K and 10K in turnover can hope to achieve a visitor/customer conversion rate of 4% (with a 16% probability of re-purchase). This high conversion rate is explained by the fact that professionals who come to an e-commerce site are there to place an order. To start your e-commerce strategy, register for the webinar on e-commerce , Thursday April 5 at 1:30 p.m. with Bénédicte GROULT, sales engineer at Oxatis, the European leader in B2B e-commerce solutions and for industry.


Today I wanted to talk to you about a subject that you surely know as a salesperson: telephone prospecting in the industry. How to motivate yourself on a daily basis and no longer systematically dodge the phone? The first technique of commercial prospecting is the organization of your schedule! Now that you know how to organize your time and you are ready to make calls. Find out how to industrialize your sales prospecting ! Today, everything is measurable, and that is the problem with industrial marketing. By prioritizing certain data, marketing managers sometimes err in calculations that unfortunately do not represent any real value for their industrial company.

Misunderstanding And Lack Of Alignment And Their

Each data measured must correspond to a strategic issue. Those that only flatter the marketing strategy in place. Such as social .Media subscribers. Page views and other figures that, although honorable on paper. Do not jostle the needle of achieving your objectives. Often, these metrics provide positive reports. But don’t provide context for making marketing decisions. Do not hesitate to go back to your marketing dashboard. And ask yourself the following questions. In general, no matter how many people clicked “Like” when they visited your page, the majority. Will never return to it and very rarely see your posts in their newsfeed.

Did you know that engagement rates for. Facebook Pages have dropped by more than 20% since last year? Business pages, after being relegated to a secondary news feed. Returned to the main feed because “people were less satisfied with. What they saw on Facebook. Explained Adam Mosseri, in charge of the project. Think about the content and conversations that generate. The most engagement on your social networks and propose an editorial line to cover the most successful topics. This indicates that you’ve established yourself as an expert and created. Great content, two first steps in an inbound marketing plan .

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