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According to Google, site speed is a crucial criterion both from a navigation point of view but also from an SEO point of view and ranking in search engine results. In other words, a faster loading of your website is equivalent to two things: higher ranking of your site in Google search results; a better visitor-lead and lead-customer conversion rate. If you want more advice on how to consider redesigning your BtoB site in the industry, I advise you to submit it to our next crash test . Marketing and Sales can no longer be disconnected in an industrial company that has serious ambitions and development objectives. The biggest obstacle to aligning Marketing and Sales teams in the industry is often related to the lack of a single software platform.

If you don’t, your marketing efforts will become diluted and disconnected, making it very difficult to collect and analyze the data needed to define your strategy. In the industry, when Kuwait Phone Number List this happens, it is very symptomatic: marketing is overwhelmed and feels uncomfortable when asked about return on investment. And the leads that come into the pipeline are low qualified. Salespeople are then frustrated by the lack of communication with their fellow marketers. Choosing the right software is therefore essential to the cohesion of your teams The difficulty is that faced with the multitude of diverse and varied platforms, it is very difficult to make a choice without making a mistake.

The Results Are Considerably Better

I’m going to simplify your task and save you a few hours of benchmarking and probably save you a good headache. There are some great marketing automation solutions out there , but their biggest flaw is leaving the marketing teams using them scratching their heads over this disconnect with other tools. It is then a question of identifying the missing pieces and finding a solution that will solve the problem, which means: buying new complementary software or developing and integrating a specific application. It is expensive and time consuming Social networks, blog performance, personalization of content, A/B testing, are all key elements in your customers’ buying journey.


If this information is not within reach and you are forced to connect to multiple platforms. To get an overview and get reporting on each, you have a real problem with your marketing software. HubSpot is known to offer a lot of features. You can use it to create and manage your website. Optimize your content, manage email campaigns, and publish on social networks. It will also provide you with valuable insights to improve your search engine results and get better leads. HubSpot presents its solution as a complete platform for Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In addition to all that, it easily allows you to track your visitors. And therefore contact your leads at the right time in the sales funnel.

Indeed The Content Appears To Search Engines As A Good Answer

And of course, it tracks results, making it easier for you to analyze data and report back to your teams. As a marketer, you need to make sure that every dollar spent on marketing is spent wisely and with results. HubSpot lets you do that and identify trends and challenges that are on the horizon. It offers the possibility of tracking all your contacts in a simple and intuitive way. This gives you complete control over your sales funnel. Which greatly contributes to the marketing and sales alignment. We were talking about earlier. An all-in-one solution that allows you to optimize, measure and automate. All aspects of your digital marketing (landing pages, SEO-optimized blog posts, e-mail campaigns, etc.).

Mailing and workflows, contextual content and much more). Knowing the activity of a prospect is essential. Not to monitor him, but to find the right time to make contact and above all to measure his commitment. HubSpot takes care of the tracking . Sales reps can reach out to prospects much more confidently when they’re hot. These images and videos will complement your content and will also help your leads in their buying journey. Today, more than half of Internet users leave a site if it takes more. Than 3 seconds to display (57%) and 80% of respondents say they. Will never come back to it again…

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