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For example, who owns this comma (swoosh)? design-a-logo (7) (ƎʞIN: əsuodəɹ) Over the years the sports brand has managed to impose its logo as a signature. She doesn’t even have to put her name on it to be identified! Your logo must be available on all your media and display places, print as well as digital. For this, it must be created with vector drawing software (Adobe Illustrator for example) to remain optimal in all formats. Whatever its size, from the corner of your business card to a 4 × 3 advertising display in the street, the quality of your image must be impeccable. It must remain identifiable in color as well as in black and white.

You will certainly print documents in black and white, your logo should not suffer and should be just as effective in monochrome. It should remain recognizable Benin Phone Numbers List  when inverted and resized. Triturate your logo, look at it all over the place to protect yourself from a bad surprise. For example, seen in a mirror and upside down, the acronym CNRS takes on a whole new meaning: design-a-logo (2) Or again, the example of the TGV which had an italic logo in silver color to mark the impression of speed and robustness. This is why you need to have an idea of what you really need in order to be able to compare effectively. Overall, all good marketing automation platforms will offer you these features.

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Again, turned over, it loses all its meaning and looks more like a snail. The height for a high speed train! design-a-logo (10) Just like your brand name, your logo should be timeless if you plan to endure. This is a (R)evolution Over a sufficiently long period of time, you may need to modify your logo. This should not be a redesign (except for the choice of marketing strategy to refresh a brand image) but an update of your image to (re) stick to the positioning of your brand. If your logo has been well thought out from the start, it will (almost) never go out of fashion. You will therefore avoid as much as possible this delicate and expensive step of redesigning your visual identity.


The competing brand changed branding ten times before arriving at the one we know. (And quite naturally the question burns our lips:
will it change again?) design-a-logo (2) Just do it ! It is your responsibility to verify that your creation is not already the property of another. You can do this directly with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) or go through an industrial property consulting firm. Lawyers will check the logo for availability and assess the risk of other brands attacking you if your logo comes too close to theirs. If your logo is copyright free, all you have to do is take the steps to register it. Here again, it is with the INPI that you will work.

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We Logo Our daily life is filled with advertising and logos. By dint of living with them, they are familiar to us and without realizing it, we attribute to them the values that they implicitly instilled in us. This is their whole raison d’être: to deliver on their own image, the whole concept of their brand. While preparing this article, we saw hundreds of logos, here are 2 that we particularly liked: design-in-logo-26 The first, for a golf club, represents the sport and the speed associated with it very well. The name of the club is taken from him by the Spartan helmet which can be guessed quickly on second reading.

The second logo perfectly illustrates the name of this photo agency (* killed or “killed” in French). And you, which logo (s) do you particularly like? The little extra : To convince you of the impact and effectiveness of logos, we invite you to watch the excellent short film Logorama (Oscar winner in 2009 and César Award in 2011). A film diverting nearly 3000 logos to constitute both the characters and the settings of the story. Choose engaging visuals but be careful maintain the correct ratio between text and image. An email with just a graphic illustration will end up in spam.

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