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Suffice to say that the average mobile page does not meet users’ expectations and this is valid for all sectors of activity. People want to read an article as soon New Zealand Phone Number List as they click on it. Buyers will abandon their shopping cart on an e-commerce store if the site is too slow. Customers expect to be able to pay bills quickly on banking sites. Vacationers want immediate results when looking for reviews on Trip Advisor, etc. Google has found that 70% of pages take 7 seconds for “above the fold” content (the top part of web pages, which is seen first) to load, while all content takes 10 seconds to load. be fully charged.

Load time doesn’t just affect pageviews, it also affects revenue. The latest data from Google shows that conversions are lower on mobiles than on desktops, despite the fact that more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. After analyzing 900,000 mobile ads for landing pages spanning 126 countries, Google came to the conclusion that “the majority of mobile sites are slow and overloaded with elements”. Google gives more details: 70% of the analyzed pages weigh more than 1MB, 36% more than 2MB and 12% more than 4MB. To put this in perspective, a page of 1.49MB takes 7 seconds to load with a 3G connection. This has a direct impact on lower conversion rates.

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If the number of elements on a page (texts, titles, images) goes from 400 to 6000, the probability of converting visitors drops by 95%. What Should Website Owners Do? Google says 30% of crawled pages could save over 250KB just by compressing images and text. Google recommends running your site using the Test My Site tool , which analyzes mobile compatibility and page load time on mobile, then compares it to the latest benchmarks. For more details on the latest industry benchmarks on site load speed on mobile, including how they differ across different market sectors, you can check out the full report . If your site isn’t yet optimized for mobile and scores poorly on Google’s test tool, we can help you make it responsive .


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approval by entering your email in the field provided. This story, surely true, speaks of work, values and love for art. She suggests joining “the community” and receiving an “invitation”. A refined speech to build trust and closeness . The text, simple and sincere, arouses emotion in the reader. And the emotion, in marketing, and the conversion trigger! Get noticed … bet on the intrigue … Arouse the entanglement, give birth to DESIRE and the snowball effect will follow. In 2011, the Hipster company achieved the feat of collecting 10,000 email addresses in 2 days!

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It all started with an enigmatic message posted on a US restaurant review-sharing platform: “Want to be a Hipster? Early invitations available. ” ( Want to be a hipster? Preview invitations are available). This sentence had a link to this launch page: launch-website-launch-page-hipster THIS LAUNCH PAGE PLAYS ON MYSTERY AND ELITISM. If you gave your email, you were then offered a preview access to the site but, on the condition of inviting 3 friends. And all this without saying what the site was going to deal with. The mystery has been cultivated to the end and the snowball effect has taken on perfectly.

This strategy worked so well that it went viral (it caused the buzz) and in 2 days, the launch page registered more than 10,000 email addresses. Beyond perfect communication, this marketing success is also based on a perfectly executed launch page. The name HIPSTER is intriguing and focused, the. USP is a salesperson and largely an incentive, the. CTA precise and foolproof, and the chosen illustration clearly contributes to the brand image. In addition, you are offered to subscribe to a guest list and not to a newsletter. This implies an urgency to register because in the common spirit. A guest list is always limited in terms of capacity.

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